Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring break and St. Patrick's Day (Week of 3-17-14)

Hello and hope you've had an awesome week!  This week we opted to do our spring break.  It was just in time too because by Tuesday, my little one had developed the flu.  Thankfully, he is feeling much better but I was grateful to be able to rest and read, and to be able to just snuggle and make him feel better. 

We did get some work in on Monday, but it was all fun for St. Patrick's Day.  We did a Clifford magazine where the boys learned about opposites like up and down, in front of and behind, and over and under.  The boys also had to find all the leprechauns on the sheet and we counted them from 1-10. 

We also did a rainbow activity where the boys had to use the pieces of string to "color" in the rainbow.  After they were done, they were able to eat the golden treasure.  Thanks for the chocolate coins, Grandma!

We also worked on a craft later that night that I will be blogging about on a new contributor blog, Satisfaction Through Christ in a few weeks so I will post about that then! 

Our tomato plant is finally turning red!  It has been wonderful for the boys to see the stages of the tomato plant grow right before their very eyes.  We can't wait to be able to pick it and taste it!  Other than that, we have had a much needed relaxing week and we are invigorated to start our homeschool work again Monday.



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