Sunday, March 16, 2014

Learning Smallest to Largest, Numbers 19 & 20, and Exodus 5-12

Ok, so I tried to take this week off for spring break but an amazing thing happened.  My sons hold me accountable for everything I do and my oldest asked why we weren't doing homeschool today on Monday.  I told him we were just taking a bit of a break for the week and he got really sad and said, "but Mom, I like homeschool work and I like that you are my teacher."  That just warmed my heart so much! 

I had the boys do and that day and I took a mental health day and was ready for us to start again on Tuesday.   So here is our week:

We worked on smallest and largest again. (Tuesday)

We worked on listening for instructions on what color to color the small and large items and we also did a smallest to largest sheet on birthday presents.

We also worked on number 19 and counted from 1-19.  B found 19 in a number find and practiced writing the number.  G colored and matched the small to large item.

B cut and pasted 19 strawberries in the bowl on his worksheet and then I had him re-write his numbers from 1-10. (Thursday)
 B worked on number 20, found 20 in a number find, and also did a cut, color and paste activity with 20 dragonflies. (Friday)
Art/Music/Physical Education:

The boys worked on coloring their math sheets all week and then on Thursday, they asked if they could make wrapping paper for their cousins upcoming birthday.  I have a huge roll of white butcher paper thanks to Grandma so I cut a piece the size of the gift and the boys went to work!
Here is their finished work with some help from Momma :)
B drew himself giving the gift away and he also made the birthday cake in the middle and G made a lot of lines for the candles!

Motor/Social Skills:
We had no Awanas this week due to spring break but the boys got to play in the bath tub with their pool toys (because it was still too cold to go swimming) so we had a pretend day at the pool in the bath tub! 
The boys wanted to help me make dinner so above is them doing that!  B even got to do some math by measuring out the ingredients! (Wednesday)
G is getting really good at singing his ABC's and he sang to my Mom this week on the phone.  B also counted fro 1-20 for her.  My Mom will also be here this week so everyone is really excited to see her and part of the reason we did spring break off this week.  Hopefully we will get a chance to relax this week when she is here. (Friday)
Bible and Reading:
"Daniel and the Lions Den" by: Kelly Pulley
"Adam and Eve" in the Garden" by: Kelly Pulley
"Noah and the Ark" by: Kelly Pulley
"Jonah and the Big Fish" by: Kelly Pulley
"The Great Cake" by: Sherry Gerstein
Reading Lesson #35 (new words: sh, lot, rug, log)
The Story of Moses: The Passover (Exodus 5-12) God killed the first born son and male animals but passed over the homes of people who left lambs blood on their door.  This included the king's son and he finally told Moses that he could take his people and leave.
Wednesday we had an App Day.  Both boys did ABCmouse (G did letter g and the color red and B did triangles and the letter v).  I downloaded a preschool and a first grade app on my Kindle so G got to practice his colors on the preschool app and B learned number and shape patterns.  They also helped me research ideas for G's birthday coming up soon for a Peter Pan party!
Friday we did and some spring cleaning.  The boys are into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now but we are overwhelmed with toys.  I explained to them if they wanted new toys, they would have to help me go through the old ones and they did!  I was able to take some things to baby consignment and they got to go spend the money on new toys that they would play with.  I thought it taught them a good lesson on letting go of stuff that you are not using.
That's it for our week though.  We will see if we end up relaxing this week but the homeschool Mommy guilt ate me alive this week so we may end up being year round homeschoolers and just do light days throughout the year. 
Blessings and enjoy your week!

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