Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!; Wrapping up Genesis and Into Exodus; Learning Numbers 16-18 (Week of March 3, 2014)

Math Lessons:
Monday - My oldest worked on looking for number 16 in a Number Find and writing out number 16.  If you have a preschooler or younger, I gave my youngest a color sheet and told him to color the balloons orange. 

The other side of the sheet included tracing circles for G and cutting and pasting turtles for B.  B also had to draw a square and write letters F and A for his after reading lesson.  We counted from 1-16.  Daddy had G trace a cup to show him how easy circles can be to make.
Thursday - Number find for 17 and cut and paste 17 sea horses.  We used 17 counting bears and counted from 1 to 17.  We also worked on a sheet to teach story sequencing.
Friday - Number 18 with number find, counting 1-18, and cut and paste sheet for 18 pretzels.  We also did a review of writing numbers 1-10.  I keep some extra sheets in their folders and my youngest said he wanted to color this jacket today so we talked about when we wear jackets.  Somehow Mommy ended up coloring the sheet but he advised on what colors!
Tuesday - Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

We read Dr. Seuss books and got inspired to paint!  I traced the boys hands and made some pictures from the books. 

My oldest made circles from his brother's lesson the day before!  They are listening and paying attention!  Yay!!!

Wednesday - Mommy was not feeling well today but look at this awesome artwork from my oldest!

A drawing of my oldest and his cousin.
Daddy got home from work and did a building project with them, which was building a toy truck.  We found use for the earmuffs from Daytona!  Afterwards, was Awanas for the boys and I went to help paint some banners for Easter service.


Thursday- Playdoh fun
 Monday - Lesson 33 in 100 Easy Lessons
                - Joseph the Dreamer (Joseph Forgives His Brothers from Genesis 42-47).  Forgiving someone who has hurt you.
                - "David and the Giant" by: Kelly Pulley

Tuesday  - "Green Eggs and Ham" by: Dr. Seuss
                 - "The Cat in the Hat" by: Dr. Seuss
                 - "Put Me in the Zoo" by: Robert Lopshire

Wednesday  Boys had Awanas and they learned about David and Goliath and colored a sheet.

Thursday  - "The Mixed Up Alphabet" by: Steve Metzger
                   - Lesson 34 in 100 Easy Lessons (new words: I, got, gun, run, rag)
                   - The Story of Moses: A Baby in the Basket (Exodus 1-2).  Moses means "I lifted him out of the water."  When God changed Jacob's name to Israel, his people became know as Israelites.  This was 400 years after Jacob and the king was seeking to destroy Jacob's family so he wanted every baby boy born destroyed.  Irony is the king's daughter saves Moses.

Friday        - "Baby Moses and the Princess" by: Kelly Pulley and Lisa Reed
                    - The Story of Moses: God Speaks to Moses (Exodus 2-3).  God speaks to Moses in the burning bush and tells him to go back to Egypt and tell the kings, "To let His people go."

A, F, 16, sixteen (Monday)
C, G, 17, seventeen (Thursday)
eighteen, 18, 1-10 (Friday)
Monday - ABCmouse: B did letter U and color by number 1-6.
Tuesday - G went potty!  There was a Daniel Tiger episode on about going potty and hygiene and taking a break from play to go potty and he went!
Reading Eggs lessons included farm animals and sounds.
Wednesday - ABCmouse lessons included G learning all letters of the alphabet with baby chicks.  B learned about letter E and triangles and they both had "Little Red Riding Hood," "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" read to them.  Thank goodness for ABCmouse!  I was sick all morning and was thankful they could still do learning that day.
Next week is spring break for our county so we may be taking a break to relax but we will see!  Blessings to you until next time :)



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