Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week of January 27, 2014: Number 9 and 10

This week we have had three scheduled showings for our house and two that showed up.  We are anxiously waiting for that right buyer to call our house home.  We have outgrown our current home and with us making the decision to be homeschoolers, we are looking for something more unconventional and larger than what we are in now.  We are humbly waiting for the Lord to let us know when that time will be although it has been extremely hard on us. We are grateful for what we do have and are okay if this is where He wants us for now.

In the process of all of this, we've had to have the house clean so we have made the best with our homeschool journey this week and are again, amazed at how much we can complete :)


"Llama, Llama Red Pajama" by: Anna Dewdney
"Dora's Valentine Adventure" by: Christine Ricci

Lesson 26 in "100 Easy Lessons" (and, fat, fan, feet)

Lesson 27 in "100 Easy Lessons" (fin, fun, run)


The Story of Noah from Genesis 6-9 in "Jesus Calling"

* No Awanas this week - boys fell asleep early again. *

Motor/Social Skills:

 Granpda and cousins visiting and making some Playdoh ice cream!

Grandma, Grandpa and cousins
The boys got to play with cousins, Grandma and Grandpa and also played a matching game with cousins and Daddy.  They also got to talk with some elderly folks that were at the Teco Manatee Viewing Area.
B is doing awesome with his comprehension knowledge in "100 Easy Lessons."  He can not only read the words but he is understanding what is happening in the picture like why is the ant fat (because he was eating an ice cream cone).  He is also doing awesome in word findings when I ask him which word is which, he points to the correct word!
The boys also had a blast cutting and pasting the 10 different pairs of eyes in their Mr. Potato Head booklet this week!

FIELD TRIP TO TECO MANATEE VIEWING CENTER! (Science and Physical Education):

We walked through the butterfly garden and snapped this silly picture!  They had a display with real life butterflies from the larva stage to caterpillar to cocoon and there were some butterflies!  We not only got to see the what seemed like 100 manatees across the water but some of them swam close to the landing.  We also some marine life like different types of fish and the boys had a blast pretending to look through the binoculars!  We saw a Great Blue Heron hunting for his food, which was incredible!  You can teach this but it's awesome to see in person!  Just the patience of the heron waiting for the exact moment to snap a fish into his belly!  We also did lots of walking and walked down the boardwalk covered by a tunnel of mangroves but it began to rain and it was cold so we headed for some lunch!  We had a great day and got lots of informative sheets for us to study for later when the boys are a little older!  They loved seeing the heron hunt and eat the fish!

The boys in the butterfly garden

The rare photo of Momma and her boys ;)  This is the area where the mangrove trees are on the boardwalk.


The Great Blue Heron - Look how determined and on point he is!
B wrote numbers 1-10 this week, F, f, S, s, r, ten, o, and c!  He is getting good!
We worked on number 9 in Mr. Potato Head booklet so B had to color 9 hearts and count from 1 to 9.  For number 10, he had to count from 1 to 10 with juggling balls and write the number in each ball.  They also decided to cut out the ten pairs of eyes for Mr. Potato Head's eyes and glue them instead of circling them! 
The boys decided to have me print out different characters this week like all the characters from Tree Fu Tom and Super Why so they had a coloring day and B asked me how to spell all of their names!  He wants to know how to spell everything lately!  G also wants to spell but everything is ABA and then he says what he spelled! 
B cutting and pasting

Numbers 1-10

Brother wanted to help :)

Reviewing words and racing on our Speedway!

Cut and paste activity with teamwork from both boys!

Coloring day on Friday!
Other ( skills):
G was motivated this week and got done many lessons online!  He went over his primary colors and letters A, B, and C and also numbers 1 and 2.  He also learned about getting dressed for your day.
B reviewed letters Q and R and they both had free time after to go onto to play some Super Why games!
That about wraps up our week!  Onto the Super Bowl!  Have a blessed week :)

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