Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week of February 3, 2014: Numbers 11 and 12

I noticed last week that we didn't do a lot of reading so this week, I made sure to do some extra reading!  That is the awesome thing about homeschooling!  Here is our week:
We put together a file game called "Hungry Hogs" for math lessons out of a numbers games book.  The flash cards were numbers 1-20 and B only recognized up to number 12 but it's a cool way to introduce the other numbers.  G also got to work on his colors with rolling the color dice (with red, blue and yellow) to match the color to go with the mud bath on the game board.

B working on hard on number 11.  He is like his Momma with that serious face and concentration!

My G with his awesome silliness!

We did the "Hungry Hogs" game and the back of B's "11" math sheet had a piggy bank that you had to cut out 11 pennies to glue onto it so I also read them this book ("All About Coins: Pennies" by: Kara Kenna and Judy Ostarch)  B also had to draw 11 windows on the building on his math sheet.  We also played with our play money and coins after this.
We also reviewed squares (B drew windows in building on worksheet) and G went over a worksheet on rectangles and colored them in.
"The Tower to the Heavens" Genesis 11from "Jesus Calling" (about the Tower of Bable and how people thought they were like God and they tried to build a tower to the sky and how God disliked this and confused their language into many different languages so they couldn't communicate to finish the tower.)
"Green Eggs and Ham" by: Dr. Seuss
Mommy had a sick day so we did some lessons on and and read "I Wish that I had Duck Feet" by: Dr. Seuss *written by: Theo Lesieg.
Library Day - W is for Wheel Theme
The boys at the Library on Wednesday. B dancing and G reading :)

The boys made some friends and sang and danced to "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "The Wheels on the Bus"

They were read two stories:
"A Book of Things That Go Zoom" by: Jennifer Frantz
"I'm Fast" by: Kate and Jim McMullan
Other Readings today from books we borrowed!:
"Miss Nelson is Back" by: James Marshall
"The Three Little Gators" by: Helen Keltman
"Henny Penny" by: Paul Galdone

They also participated in a flannel board activity that helps them learn story sequencing.  I didn't catch the name of the book but they had a blast going up to the board and placing their picture when it was their turn!
They also were shown picture cards that start with W like watermelon, worm, and wagon.

They got to play at the mall on Daddy's day off today!
*No Awanas again today!  Had too much excitement for the day and went to bed early.*

Outside learning day!  We did our reading Lesson # 28 for 100 Easy Lessons (feed, mud).  We did 20 jumping jacks, 20 situps and some Tree Fu Tom moves to move and stretch.  We also listened to some music and danced to get all our wiggles out before math time.

B learning how to trace the shape of a U.
B did some number finding for number 12 and had to cut and paste 12 paper apples for his tree on the worksheet and we all counted from 1-12 together.

We read "The Apple Pie Tree" book by: Zoe Hall to go over how apples grow, basic lesson in pollination, and we went over what the animals, plants, birds and flowers were in the book and what colors they are.
Other Reading:
"There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by: Dr. Seuss
"God's Friend" (Genesis 12) - Abraham follows God and "God's Promise" (Genesis 15:17-18) Following God and waiting for his timing!  Awesome lesson for Mommy this week!
Boys and Momma were sick so we took it easy today.  We read "Miss Nelson Has a Field Day" by: Harry Allard and James Marshall
We did worksheets to go over largest so they had to point and B circled the largest item in each row or group.  G went over tracing circles.
After lessons are over, let the play commence!
We went to Toys R' Us on Saturday to build a Lego car from the new Lego movie!

G playing with his new Lego car!

My angels got me angels for Valentine's Day!  The boys went and got haircuts this morning and came back with cards and 2 new statues!  So glad my hubby is teaching my boys to be such gentleman :)

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