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Let the King of Kings Back Into Your Life

Honoring the Lord, fellow bloggers and ourselves

Let the King of Kings Back Into Your Life
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    If you are a parent of a preschool or elementary age child, you probably recognize the cute, lovable fellow from the new Nick Jr. show, Wallykazam.  It is a great show of teaching your child to spell and it does so with cute songs.  One of the songs in it is called, "Let the King back in."

      Here is the scenario I ran into this weekend on a social media site and then I will explain why this wonderful kids show lifted my spirits!  I am a new blogger.  I am so excited to be out there networking with others and sharing my talents and looking at all the talents everyone else is passionate about.  Do you remember this enthusiasm experienced bloggers?  Do you still have it or remember what it was like to get an idea and you couldn't wait to get to the computer fast enough to type it? 

     Well, I had that same enthusiasm this weekend and felt compelled to write an article about how I homeschool my children.  I meet a lot of people and they ask me all the time, "How do you do it?" or "How did you get started?"  I thought writing an article, especially to a new homeschool Mom would help.  I spent a lot of time on it and was so excited that I wanted to share it.

     In one of the social medias I am on, I happened to place the article link into a forum of fellow bloggers.  What I got in response shocked me.  I got a nasty note from not only a fellow blogger, but a fellow homeschool Mom.  I was unaware of what to post and what not to post because I am new.  I see people post in this forum all the time about their blogs and I said you know what, maybe this article will help someone.

          Not only did I receive a nasty comment from this individual on the post but then the person contacted the administrator and had my post removed before I could even comment!  Another person behind me did the same thing I did and posted proudly an article about the Lord.  Ten minutes later, this person's post was also gone and disappeared like it had never been written.  I'm sure this person got the same nasty note from the individual and no one deserves that.  That's being a bully.  We are here as individuals, with our own unique talents and gifts.  Let's help to build each other up and not knock each other done, folks.  Everyone has been new at something once and not known proper protocol.  There's a nice way to say things. 

     I figured it out after prayer, that something struck a nerve with this person to have an administrator delete 2 articles that happened to be about the Lord or Lord centered.  And to be so vindictive towards a person you don't know is something I don't understand.  But it's okay because I have run into people like this my whole life and at the end of that day, those people are there to teach us something.  And we are here to teach them.  I truly pray for this person and I think yes, a nerve was struck with her for some reason but maybe a seed was also planted. 

    It was a blessing what this person did because it made me realize I was spending way too much trying to prove to others about me.  I only have one being to impress and that is my Heavenly Father.  I realized I can still do this blog but have people get to know me and if they don't that's okay too.  I know the messages and articles will help the right people that are looking for it.

     Now to tell you about the picture at the top from Wallykazam.  My sons were watching the show shortly after this scenario happened, and this song comes on about letting the King back in.  They are dancing and being silly and singing this song and I realized God was speaking through them: "Let the King of Kings back in."   And I couldn't help but laugh and start to dance and sing and be silly with them!

    This scenario was a direct attack trying to fool me into what I wrote wasn't significant.  I don't know if this person had a bad day or what happened, but if you are having a bad day stay away from social media.  You are not lashing out at your computer, you are reaching across cyber space and lashing out at someone you don't even know.  I've heard that you need a tough skin to be a blogger or a writer because you are going to write about things that may not agree with someone.  That's fine but let's offer some constructive criticism instead of trying to hurt someone who wrote about what they are passionate about. 

     God gives us a peace and a love that no one can take away.  Lately, I have read many bloggers expressing time management balance between blog and family.  Give it to the Lord.  He will give you balance.  He will give us all balance in what we are looking for if you seek Him.  Whatever may be going wrong or not according to your plan in your life, pray to Him and let the King of Kings back into your life.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

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  1. When we allow God into and make him The biggest part of our life, everything else falls into place.

    you are correct - when you are having a bad day - social media isn't the place to be :)

    thanks for reminding us to DO ALL to the Glory of God!


    1. How very right you are, Marie! It is giving our life back to the Lord so that His will can be done in our lives! Thanks for commenting and have a beautiful week :) #bloggercaregroup