Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Could Have Given You Less

“I Could Have Given You Less” by: Raising Samuels
            My husband and I made the decision this past weekend, to take our house off the market.  After almost 6 months and about 25 different couples coming to view our house, we received no offers.  It was priced below market value and we even lowered it to the point, where it was almost not worth selling.  We ended up switching our sons’ room and the office around and painted both rooms and our upstairs hallway, and restaged both rooms to show better.  Thankfully, we did this with neutral colors but also to our liking just in case we didn’t sell.
            We couldn’t figure out why we hadn’t gotten a single offer.  Our friends and family were stumped too.  We had done a lot of work to the house and it looked gorgeous. 
            We live in a townhouse a little under 1700 square feet with 2 ½ bathrooms and 3 bedrooms just to paint you a picture.  We have a one car garage and we are one of eight units in a building.  We really don’t have what you would call a yard.  My husband and I thought it would be great to have a bigger house with a big yard.  We weren’t appreciating what we did have.
            After about three months of praying, I realized I was praying wrong.  I had been asking God to please sell our house so we could get something bigger.  God likes us to ask Him questions but only when it is according to His will.  He doesn’t want to be told what to do.  He knows us better than we do ourselves.  I started to pray for God’s will on my house.  And after 3 months of feeling like there was no answer, I got one: “I could have given you less.”
            We live in a society where “Keeping up with the Jones” is at its peak.  Everyone wants the latest iPhone or a bigger house or a nicer car.  We want the best of everything.  Is it wrong to want nice things?  Is it wrong to want nicer things for our children? No, it’s not but at what price is that worth?  Is it worth the price of your joy or your children’s joy?
            I tell you this because this is the point my husband and I got to.  We were being short tempered with our sons and each other because we were trying to clean the house for a showing, which would be our last showing.  I finally looked at him and said, “Is this really worth it?” 
            Look at the wonderful things going on in your life.  Are your children healthy and safe?  Do you have a place to call home and love, laughter, joy, and food in it?  Do you have family and friends who love and care about you?  We all go through times where we think we have it bad.
            We had some friends who came over this past weekend who had never seen our house before come in with a great perspective.  They were impressed that we weren’t responsible for the outside of our home or the lawn maintenance because it’s part of our HOA.  We have a pool at the front of our neighborhood that I walk to everyday with my sons when it’s warm enough to go swimming, that we are not responsible for cleaning.  I live in a gated community with a Neighborhood Watch and safe sidewalks that my sons, dog, and I walk on for exercise everyday.   
            From the description I gave you before of my home, let me paint you a better picture of what I do have.  I have a house that is filled with the Lord, faith, friendship, family, love, and joy.  I do not want for anything and I am grateful for what I do have not only in my home, but my life.   After all the renovations we did in our house, it looks and feels amazing and we realized we didn’t want to move after all.
            Sometimes we need a different perspective on things.  What is going on in your life that you are struggling with or that is taking the joy from you?  If you have been praying on it and haven’t received an answer yet, are you praying for what you want or what God wants?  Only God knows what the future holds.  Maybe you are going through this bad time in your life but He will find a way to bring good out of it.  Just remember to be grateful for all that you do have because He could have given you less.




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