Monday, February 17, 2014

Genesis 21 and 25 (Testing Your Faith) and Learning Numbers 13 and 14 (Week of February 10, 2014)

This week included an awesome field trip the zoo and lots of arts and crafts projects for Valentine's Day but we also got our math and reading lessons in! 


Read "God's Friend: Issac is Born"(Genesis 21) and "God Tests Abraham" in our "Jesus Calling" child's devotional by Sarah Young.  It was about sacrificing Issac to test Abraham's faith and when God saw how faithful Abraham was, he let Issac live.  It also explained how and why Abraham is called "Father Abraham," who is a great-great-great...grandfather of Jesus.

We also did Lesson 29 in "100 Easy Lessons."  B did a great job of answering his comprehension questions and writing today included u,n,13, and thirteen. 

For math, G traced circles and had to color the circles on his worksheet.  B had to find the number 13 in a number find, cut and paste 13 cupcakes, draw 13 balloons and we counted from 1 to 13. 

We ended our homeschool day with (G learned about letter C) and we did some Playdoh fun.


*Look at post for Field Trip: Day at the Zoo!*


Read "Jacob, a Man with Two Names: Jacob and Esau" (Genesis 25).  Jacob tricks his father, Issac into thinking he is his older brother who was supposed to receive his father's blessing and inherit the land when his father passed.  He then ran away in fear of Esau killing him and ends up having a dream where God promises him that He will bless his land and that he will have many children.  Jacob wakes up and promises to give God 1/10 of all back to God and that He will be the only one and true God for Jacob.

~Side note here: I didn't grow up with a religious background but my parents did the best they could and taught me about God and how to pray.  It has been awesome to read these Biblical stories and see where it says these things in the Bible.  My husband and I felt called to start tithing 10 percent last year and it has been amazing how God has worked in our lives.  We are honoring Him and thanking Him by giving Him the "first fruits of our labor" as one of my friend's from church says. 

I used to think how can people do that?  How can they give up 10 percent and still live without being in debt?  We were in a position where we were literally living paycheck to paycheck and credit cards like many people do today.  My husband and I felt like God said, "Go ahead, test your faith in Me and see what I can do with that 90 percent."  So we did.  And God has shown us over and over again, how He blesses the faithful.  If you would like to discuss this, feel free to message me or leave a comment below :)

We worked on Valentine's Day cards for the boys friends in Awanas.  I combined two ideas on found on Pinterest ( for the front and for the back) or you can look to the right in my Pinterest widget and it is under my "Holidays" board.) 

Their Awana's verse this week was part of John 17:17 "your word is truth."

Our math lesson, we did largest vs. smallest and they had to circle the largest and smallest object in each sequence of pictures.

I printed out a picture of a penny with Abraham Lincoln on it and my G recognized him immediately as Abraham, even though we learned about him last week!  Yay, they reassures me they are listening and learning!  Love these moments :)

We also had some time today to get outside for fresh air and mail out some Valentines to our out of state and out of town relatives.


Homeschooling two different age groups even though they are close together in age.  My oldest works on largest and smallest group sequencing and my youngest worked on colors and shapes.

Lesson 30 in "100 Easy Lessons."  B got introduced to new words: little, lick and sick.  He did great at comprehension and his writing was 14, fourteen, u, and f.

B cut and pasted 14 penguins and counted 1-14.

G did some lessons and learned about the letter D, and colored some coloring pages.

Today was a short lesson day, because we had dentist appointments and had to drop Daddy off at work and then go pick him up so it was a crazy day but thank God we homeschool and have the flexibility to do this!


A drawing by my four year old of Tree Fu Tom and his friends!  That is the boys' new favorite show!

We did some paint for fun and the boys learned about how the colors mix together when you clean the paintbrush off in the water cup!  It was a great motor skills project and color recognition for G.  Art and science lesson in one! 

The boys did and learned about letter R, number 10 and penguins.  I love how we saw penguins at the zoo this week, there was penguins in our math lesson this week and then there was penguins in!  I am not that good and I know that is God connecting the dots for us to have the boys learn!

The boys loved seeing the water change color every time they had to clean their brush to change colors!

My oldest painted a picture of his cousin whom he absolutely adores!

Hope you had a great week and God bless!

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