Monday, February 24, 2014

Abraham Lincoln and Cents. T is for Teeth! : Week of February 17, 2014

This week was Daddy's birthday so we had a busy week so we didn't get to a lot of homeschool activities but that is the beauty of homeschool: flexibility!  Here is our week:


There was a freebie this week on from  It was an Abraham Lincoln booklet working on the sight word, this.  B has been having a hard time with this one so I thought how awesome we can work on a booklet together and he got it! Yay!!!

G loves doing the same worksheets as his brother!
The boys cut and pasted the letters out and put them in the appropriate spot and then they painted the booklet!

We also went over the money conversions that 1 cent is a penny, 100 pennies equal a dollar, five dollars is equal to a five dollar bill.  The penny and the five dollar bill both have a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it and he was the 16th of the United States.

All of this was free this week!  I use Staples Rewards to recycle our ink cartridges and Staples gives you the best deals by far for your cartridges.  I had $16 in Rewards dollars and all of the stuff above was on sale at 50% off! 
I needed a magazine holder for my homeschool magazines I keep and I found this thing called The Desk Apprentice at Staples.  It not only fit my magazines, but the boys magazines and coloring books, my coupons, and I still have so much room in it!  And it spins so you can put it on your desk or we just have it on the floor. All of this for only $13.95 or free with Staples Rewards!
The picture story writing pads were 50% and the boys got the Ninja Turtle stickers and I still have $0.64 in Rewards!  The Victoria's Secret spray mist was free because I sign up for Victoria's Secret email and they send coupons from time to time!
"A New Name for Jacob (Genesis 29; 32; 35) God Names Jacob Israel". Jacob had 2 wives Rachel and Leah and 13 children.  Through Jacob and his wives is the lineage of Jesus Christ and God changes Jacob's name to Israel.
Lesson 31 (w) in 100 Easy Lessons

T is for Teeth! February is National Children's Dental Health Month so we had a Clifford magazine and went over what is healthy for our teeth and what is not.  The boys got to circle the healthy items for your teeth on the back.
We went over a worksheet with the things that start with letter T like teeth, turtle, tent, and television.  And the boys had to use their new stickers for turtles!
We made our first graph!  I had B write good and bad and then we split up the paper from our new big story writing pads and they pasted pictures of good things for your teeth, and bad things for their teeth. 
We also went over a worksheet and counted pennies from 1 to 4 pennies and then we turned all of this into a super big booklet!
We went over phonics of T for G and we sang the Alphabet song.
good, bad, 1-4
We also did lessons.
The boys had Awanas today and their verse was "...great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:23
My husband and I have been going to the prayer meetings on Wednesday nights while the boys are at Awanas and it has been wonderful!  My husband requested a hymn that this verse in it.
See post for Field Trip: The Duels at Daytona
Rested from being at Daytona.  We got home very late and we all slept in very late!
We got a chance to get to the library and get new library books to borrow!  We went and got some produce and then stopped over Grandma and Grandpa's house!
"Jack and the Beanstalk" by: Steven Kellogg
"Swamp Song" by: Helen Ketteman
"Hansel and Gretel" by: Susan Jeffers
Have a blessed week!

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