Friday, January 17, 2014

Week of January 13 - Numbers 5 & 6

We got a lot done this week but I had a scare in the middle of the week!  We got done our day early and I knew cold weather was headed our way so I decided to get the boys and our dog out for a walk.  In the process of shoes and socks and jackets and everything it takes to get two boys and a dog out for a walk, my youngest fell over our garage door threshold and screamed like I never heard him scream before.  When I asked him to get up, he immediately fell back to the floor and said, "Mommy, I can't move my leg."  I picked him up and his left leg literally felt like jelly.  So, I panicked but tried to remain calm and called Grandma.  Thankfully, she was able to leave work for a bit and come check on him.  I brought him over to the couch in the meantime and I started to pray.  My oldest held onto my youngest hand and I just asked for God to watch over him and help him.  He was able to get up and not only walk, but run on his leg.  I don't know if he was so stunned or if I was in such a panic but I truly thought from the fall to the scream, he broke his leg.  I was very thankful to have Grandma show up shortly after this and check on him and to calm my nerves!  I am also grateful to our Heavenly Father who watches over us.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Monday - We did a Bats worksheet contrasting and comparing bats to robins (both fly and have wings, but they are awake at different times and other distinguishing characteristics) and read "Five Little Bats Flying in the Night" by: Steve Metzger.  We counted down from 5 to 0.  We also read "The Tower of Babel" by: Anne de Graaf, did some I Spy games in a Disney Pixar Planes book they got for Christmas, and did some ABCmouse lessons.
Cut, color and paste with comparing and contrasting. They did a great job!
They liked getting to color the bat afterward too!

Tuesday - We worked on the number 5 in our Mr. Potato Head math booklet.  Above is B's writing (5, five, 1, 2, 3, 4, R, r, O, o).  He circled 5 envelopes to match the 5 stamps above and numbered each envelope.
We read "God's Big Plan" from Genesis 1 out of the Sarah Young "Jesus Calling" Bible storybook.  We did Lesson 23 out of "100 Easy Lessons" with Daddy and read "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors" and "David and Goliath" both by: Kathryn Smith.

Daddy and the boys creating fun with their Legos :)

Wednesday - Number six out of Mr. Potato Head booklet.  B counted and circled 6 seashells and found all the fish with the number 6 on them.  He wrote the numbers on the seashells so he is reviewing all his number writing (1,2,3,4,5,6, six).
We did ABCmouse lessons and learned about flowers and plants that grow to make fruits and vegetables.  We also learned some musical insturments on there like D for Drum and T for Trumpet.  The boys also learned about cellos and violins.  And B got introduced to the "qu" sound.
We did our Awana's verse ("Whoever believes in the Son Has eternal life..." John 3:36).  The boys missed this week again because they fell asleep before it started.  The story this week was about Adam and Eve and that God's Word is truth.
We read an Animal Baby Explorers magazine about koalas for our science lesson and then we worked on some puzzles together.
Thursday - Daddy's off of work and a busy catch up on errands day so we just relaxed together and read some books:
Daddy read "God Starts a Family" out of the Sarah Young book about Adam and Eve and Satan in the garden of Eden and how they had to leave the garden because of the sin and deception. (which was awesome because that was what we worked on for Awanas) 
"Marvel Super Heroes Adventures: Spidey's Pumpkin Problems"
"Danny and the Dinosaur" by: Syd Hoff
"Dora At the Carnival" by: Leslie Valdes
"The Mine-O-Saur" by: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Friday - I made this worksheet to go along with the Bob Books Set 1 Books 1 ("Mat") and Book 2 ("Sam") by: Bobby Lynn Maslen.  It goes perfectly with what we are learning in "100 Easy Lessons."  B was able to read both books by himself and write the sentences above!
We did a shapes review by doing an Interpretive Art Day.  The only stipulation I gave them was they had to put a new shape that we learned about to go with the number 6 this week; a hexagon! 

I had each of them name the color and shape that they glued down and this is G's (age 2) picture.  He said it is Oozma Kappa from Monsters University movie!  Can you see the hexagon?

This is B's (age 4) picture of Aladdin and Jasmine's castle with Jesus on the cross and a sheep for the lamb of God.

I zoomed in on his Lamb of God.

This is the cross with Jesus with two eyes and the rectangles are Jesus' arms and legs.  I think it is so cool he knows about Jesus and wants to include Him in his drawings and art work!

The boys watched Tree Fu Tom on PBS, which is such a cool show because it has the child get up and move and teach them different moves so they get a lot of exercise while Mommy can sum up their day in my lesson book.
Have a great week!

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