Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dooley Groves, Inc. January 11, 2014

Today we got to enjoy the day being orange farmers!  We went to visit Dooley Groves and this was only their second day of being open to tours for the public!  We got to sample fresh orange juice and oranges as soon as we got there and then we headed off to the groves for a tour and to pick our own tangelos.  These are special because they only are at their peak and produced in the month of January!

I had to take a picture of them as soon as we got home because we got 8 and we are already down to only 3 tangelos in the house now!

Dooley Groves' business is 50% export to other areas of the United States and Canada. 

Daddy and G listening to our tour guide in the orange plant.

They grow other citrus like grapefruit, tangerines and other types of oranges.  The sign was real cute; it said, " Elves at Work."  This is how they assemble all the awesome gifts and baskets of citrus at Christmas time.

Right outside the entrance to the groves is a line of eucalyptus trees.  Hurricanes came in a few years ago and carried citrus canker to the plants so they has to burn over 22,000 trees and start new.  Out of the ashes came these amazing fruits!  It was really an awesome story!

They pick the fruit and then have tractors carry the fruit to this line that brings them into the building for cleaning and adding vegetable wax to give them that beautiful shine and glisten.  They have 9 box and 6 box crates that can hold up to 90 pounds of citrus!

This was a little baby tree but already had buds growing.  By this time next year it will bear a fruit that you can just pick and eat without peeling the skin off the fruit!

Daddy, G and the rest of the people in the tour and the top of B's head :)

Me and the boys getting ready to pick the tangelos. B was upset because only adults could pick the fruit off the tree but you actually had to take pliers to remove the fruit from the tree.

Daddy and the boys.  We let them choose which tangelo to take and then Daddy cut it from the tree.

Beautiful grove!  We had a great day :)

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