Friday, January 24, 2014

Week of January 20: Numbers 7 and 8

This week many students had off for a few days to observe MLK Jr. Day and some students where it is cold, have been snowed in and have had "snow days."  Living in Florida, my sons are not going to have snow days but I am amazed that while this week we were trying to be carefree and have some Florida "non-snow" days" off, we actually got a lot of work done!

* Things to work on: Spending more fun time playing with the boys and relaxing.  Ideas for blog - having music start when you open the page (Matt Maher "Lord, How I Need You") *

Playdoh number fun

We reviewed numbers 1-6 (B molded all the numbers above!)

B's math writing of #8 where he connected the dots to make his hat and he numbered each dot from 1-8.

Number review using Counting Fish Mats. G's saying "Hi Mom!" to the camera!

Last weekend we went back for more yummy tangelos at the farm.

The boys helping Daddy find the best ones!

You can see the green unripe tangelos and how they start to change to yellow and then eventually orange when they are ripe!

They almost look like limes at this stage!

Fully mature tangelo tree.

Reading and Bible Studies:

Monday -  Lesson 24 in "100 Easy Lessons" (new words: not and in)
                 "Llama Llama Holiday Drama" by: Anna Dewdney
                 "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" by: Don & Audrey Wood
                  "The Ugly Duckling" by: Rachel Isadora - an online book from We Give Books (We Give Books, WWE, and YALSA have put together a program to help promote reading and have made many books available online and kids get a chance to win prizes.
                 "Allie's Yellow Jacket" by: Claudia Brehse (Kindle edition available on

Tuesday -   "Skippyjon Jones" by: Judy Schachner

Wednesday - no readings or lessons

Thursday -  "Baby Penguins Everywhere!" by: Melissa Guion (
                     Introduction to the sound "qu" for Booba and "a" for Googs (on

Friday -    "Cain and Abel, Two Brothers" from Genesis 4 in "Jesus Calling" by: Sarah Young.  We talked about having trust and faith in God like Abel did and how that pleases God and that He is ready to help us when we need Him.  We also talked about being nice brothers to one another.

Genesis 4:7 "If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”  How important this verse is!  I'm so glad Sarah Young includes scripture like this even in a child's devotional.  It's easy to understand and such a reminder to us that yes, we must rule over sin in our life.

                  Lesson 25 in 100 Easy Lessons (new words/sounds: f, man, ant, sit, on, near, in)
                 "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Too Cool for Rules" by: J.E. Bright
                "Toot and Puddle: Get With the Beat" by: Laura F. Walsh
                  "The Hat" by: Jan Brett (

Art/Music/Physical Education:

There are some weeks we don't hit every single subject area so this week was a little weak in this department but we always end up equaling it out.  On Monday, G colored some pictures in his David and Goliath coloring book and on Tuesday the boys mixed red and blue Playdoh together to make purple!

Motor and Social Skills:

B did Lessons 24 and 25 this week in "100 Easy Lessons" and he is doing amazing!  He is reading and can actually recognize many of his words he is learning on signs, magazines, and TV ads and he is hungry for the knowledge to know more!  He did the reading comprehension questions in his lessons and is showing an understanding for the reading like knowing about the rat is in the sack when we ask him and why does the rat look happy or not happy? (Lesson 24).  Lesson 25 was about  cat in a sock on a Christmas tree and a man and he understood the story and was insightful of what was occurring.

We did lots of Playdoh projects this week with cutting and molding Playdoh into creatures and numbers.  We also took a break and just played.  I feel like there are so many days that go by and I beat myself up to get everything done and am exhausted at the end of the day.  I am trying to relax and enjoy just taking a break here and there to sit down and play with the boys and their toys.

We also went to the Farmer's Market this week with Daddy and got some milkshakes so we went over colors and names of fruits and vegetables and I had B count how many of each item we were getting.


The boys learned about Abraham this week in Awanas and colored stars and the moon and circled the right number group to match the number to how many stars were in each.  B is doing really well at memorizing his verses and his teacher made it a point to tell me how well he is doing!  G is doing well at sitting still and listening and just getting to socialize with other children in a faith setting.


Monday -  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,D,d,N,n

Friday - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,eight, n, o


Monday - B followed the number 7 in a maze to get to the finish line and circled and wrote numbers 1 -7 in Mr. Potato Head Math booklet

Tuesday - Both boys worked with Playdoh number set and we did a review of numbers 1-7.

Wednesday - B counted 6 limes at the market for us and how many items we had in the basket and he worked on his numbers worksheet at Awanas.

Thursday - Learning about more vs. less on

Friday - Circling groups of 8 in Mr. Potato Head math booklet and connecting the dots and counting each dot from 1 to 8.  We also did a numbers review using our Counting Mats with Fish and also the Playdoh numbers set.

Other (computer, Science, Social Studies):

Thursday - G finished his Toddler section in and moved onto first level preschool!  It was a big accomplishment and we are very proud of him!  It's taken him a year to finish but he doesn't get on it as much as his brother does but he's ready now!  He's starting to get ready to learn his alphabet!

Make it a great week!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Week of January 13 - Numbers 5 & 6

We got a lot done this week but I had a scare in the middle of the week!  We got done our day early and I knew cold weather was headed our way so I decided to get the boys and our dog out for a walk.  In the process of shoes and socks and jackets and everything it takes to get two boys and a dog out for a walk, my youngest fell over our garage door threshold and screamed like I never heard him scream before.  When I asked him to get up, he immediately fell back to the floor and said, "Mommy, I can't move my leg."  I picked him up and his left leg literally felt like jelly.  So, I panicked but tried to remain calm and called Grandma.  Thankfully, she was able to leave work for a bit and come check on him.  I brought him over to the couch in the meantime and I started to pray.  My oldest held onto my youngest hand and I just asked for God to watch over him and help him.  He was able to get up and not only walk, but run on his leg.  I don't know if he was so stunned or if I was in such a panic but I truly thought from the fall to the scream, he broke his leg.  I was very thankful to have Grandma show up shortly after this and check on him and to calm my nerves!  I am also grateful to our Heavenly Father who watches over us.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!
Monday - We did a Bats worksheet contrasting and comparing bats to robins (both fly and have wings, but they are awake at different times and other distinguishing characteristics) and read "Five Little Bats Flying in the Night" by: Steve Metzger.  We counted down from 5 to 0.  We also read "The Tower of Babel" by: Anne de Graaf, did some I Spy games in a Disney Pixar Planes book they got for Christmas, and did some ABCmouse lessons.
Cut, color and paste with comparing and contrasting. They did a great job!
They liked getting to color the bat afterward too!

Tuesday - We worked on the number 5 in our Mr. Potato Head math booklet.  Above is B's writing (5, five, 1, 2, 3, 4, R, r, O, o).  He circled 5 envelopes to match the 5 stamps above and numbered each envelope.
We read "God's Big Plan" from Genesis 1 out of the Sarah Young "Jesus Calling" Bible storybook.  We did Lesson 23 out of "100 Easy Lessons" with Daddy and read "Joseph's Coat of Many Colors" and "David and Goliath" both by: Kathryn Smith.

Daddy and the boys creating fun with their Legos :)

Wednesday - Number six out of Mr. Potato Head booklet.  B counted and circled 6 seashells and found all the fish with the number 6 on them.  He wrote the numbers on the seashells so he is reviewing all his number writing (1,2,3,4,5,6, six).
We did ABCmouse lessons and learned about flowers and plants that grow to make fruits and vegetables.  We also learned some musical insturments on there like D for Drum and T for Trumpet.  The boys also learned about cellos and violins.  And B got introduced to the "qu" sound.
We did our Awana's verse ("Whoever believes in the Son Has eternal life..." John 3:36).  The boys missed this week again because they fell asleep before it started.  The story this week was about Adam and Eve and that God's Word is truth.
We read an Animal Baby Explorers magazine about koalas for our science lesson and then we worked on some puzzles together.
Thursday - Daddy's off of work and a busy catch up on errands day so we just relaxed together and read some books:
Daddy read "God Starts a Family" out of the Sarah Young book about Adam and Eve and Satan in the garden of Eden and how they had to leave the garden because of the sin and deception. (which was awesome because that was what we worked on for Awanas) 
"Marvel Super Heroes Adventures: Spidey's Pumpkin Problems"
"Danny and the Dinosaur" by: Syd Hoff
"Dora At the Carnival" by: Leslie Valdes
"The Mine-O-Saur" by: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Friday - I made this worksheet to go along with the Bob Books Set 1 Books 1 ("Mat") and Book 2 ("Sam") by: Bobby Lynn Maslen.  It goes perfectly with what we are learning in "100 Easy Lessons."  B was able to read both books by himself and write the sentences above!
We did a shapes review by doing an Interpretive Art Day.  The only stipulation I gave them was they had to put a new shape that we learned about to go with the number 6 this week; a hexagon! 

I had each of them name the color and shape that they glued down and this is G's (age 2) picture.  He said it is Oozma Kappa from Monsters University movie!  Can you see the hexagon?

This is B's (age 4) picture of Aladdin and Jasmine's castle with Jesus on the cross and a sheep for the lamb of God.

I zoomed in on his Lamb of God.

This is the cross with Jesus with two eyes and the rectangles are Jesus' arms and legs.  I think it is so cool he knows about Jesus and wants to include Him in his drawings and art work!

The boys watched Tree Fu Tom on PBS, which is such a cool show because it has the child get up and move and teach them different moves so they get a lot of exercise while Mommy can sum up their day in my lesson book.
Have a great week!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dooley Groves, Inc. January 11, 2014

Today we got to enjoy the day being orange farmers!  We went to visit Dooley Groves and this was only their second day of being open to tours for the public!  We got to sample fresh orange juice and oranges as soon as we got there and then we headed off to the groves for a tour and to pick our own tangelos.  These are special because they only are at their peak and produced in the month of January!

I had to take a picture of them as soon as we got home because we got 8 and we are already down to only 3 tangelos in the house now!

Dooley Groves' business is 50% export to other areas of the United States and Canada. 

Daddy and G listening to our tour guide in the orange plant.

They grow other citrus like grapefruit, tangerines and other types of oranges.  The sign was real cute; it said, " Elves at Work."  This is how they assemble all the awesome gifts and baskets of citrus at Christmas time.

Right outside the entrance to the groves is a line of eucalyptus trees.  Hurricanes came in a few years ago and carried citrus canker to the plants so they has to burn over 22,000 trees and start new.  Out of the ashes came these amazing fruits!  It was really an awesome story!

They pick the fruit and then have tractors carry the fruit to this line that brings them into the building for cleaning and adding vegetable wax to give them that beautiful shine and glisten.  They have 9 box and 6 box crates that can hold up to 90 pounds of citrus!

This was a little baby tree but already had buds growing.  By this time next year it will bear a fruit that you can just pick and eat without peeling the skin off the fruit!

Daddy, G and the rest of the people in the tour and the top of B's head :)

Me and the boys getting ready to pick the tangelos. B was upset because only adults could pick the fruit off the tree but you actually had to take pliers to remove the fruit from the tree.

Daddy and the boys.  We let them choose which tangelo to take and then Daddy cut it from the tree.

Beautiful grove!  We had a great day :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Beginning of the New Year: Review Week, Intoroducing Number 4

We got a visit from the boy's aunt and uncle this week!  They came down the week after Christmas so they brought the boys some nice gifts and got to hang out with us for a bit!

We introduced them to the Nerf spitball rockets we got at a Homeschool Convention and had to quickly put them back into the garage because Daddy was getting his brother with them!  It was so great to getting to see them and have them spend some time with us!

The boys love Legos so when they got them Jake and the Neverland Pirate Legos and a game the boys were beyond happy!

This is a model of the house we are thinking about purchasing.  We are so very grateful for our home we have now but we are realizing we are quickly outgrowing it.  We would love to have an extra garage so we could have storage and also be able to park the car in the garage and it would be wonderful to have a yard for the boys to play in!  It is four bedrooms also so that front window to the right would be designated for the classroom giving the boys their own bedrooms one day when they want them, instead of sharing a room!  I know all of this will happen in God's timing.  This week has proven to be full of frustration and just testing our faith in Him and patience.  Two verses that have kept me going:
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6
"For with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37

Back to homeschool started this week!  It was nice to take 2 weeks off just to catch up on some much needed work in the house.

B's three's!

Writing number 4!

Daddy at home helping with homeschool and some Playdoh fun

We got such an awesome gift from Grandpa and Grandma for Christmas; an annual pass to the zoo!  We were able to go last week and we caught this snake shedding his skin.  I dislike snakes but even I was impressed by this!  We just kept watching him pass through the branches to try to have his skins catch on it so it would shed! 

poisonous tree frog.  He was literally posing on this leaf for us!

The mighty, majestic eagle! 

B working on his reading lesson on the Reading Street Speedway we created.

B writing out numbers 1-4 so we could play "Four Corners," where you put a number in each corner and have a person count with their eyes closed while the others pick a corner.  Once the person is done counting, you keep your eyes closed and guess a number to see if you can "catch" a person and then that person becomes the counter.  The boys had a blast and couldn't keep quiet during the game lol but it was a lot of fun!
Reading and Bible studies this week:
Read Chapter 29 in "The Story" about "God uses Paul, " Acts 16:16-40.  Paul was Saul but was blinded and didn't believe in Christ.  He came to know Jesus and followed him and was locked in prison with Siras, but they both prayed and were able to break free from jail.  The jailor was so impressed that he asked how to be saved.
Read Chapter 30 in the "The Story" about "God's Servant," Acts 27. Paul prayed to save all the people in the boat that was at sea in a storm and they were saved.
Read Chapter 31 in "The Story" about "Jesus' Return," and this was the last chapter so we read the whole book together!  John told people about Jesus and was sentenced to an island by himself but he was there with God.  God showed him what heaven was so he could tell others and foretell Jesus' return.
We did Lesson 21 in "100 Easy Lessons" that had us work on sick, the letter o, and meet. 
We also did Lesson 22 where we covered rock, sock, cat, and rat.  We also stopped to have a character day on discipline.  B did not pay attention during his lesson so TV, Tablet and cell phone were all taken away for the day.  When Daddy got home from work he was able to finish his lesson and got to watch his shows.  It is good to have days like this and I don't think he will not pay attention again to go through a day without his videos or games.
No Awans this week because they both fell asleep early.
Read Llama Llama books by: Anna Dewdney:
"Llama Llama Wakey-Wake"
"Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop"
"Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom"
"Llama Llama Nighty-Night"
Read our new Bible books by: Kelly Pulley:
"David and the Giant"
"Daniel and the Lion's Den"
"Noah and the Ark"
"Jonah and the Big Fish"
"Adam and Eve in the Garden"
"Baby Moses and the Princess"

ABCmouse lessons included going over all the letter in the alphabet with G and doing some letter matching to pictures and B went over letters k-p.

ABCmouse lessons with the "Alphabet song" and "I'm a Little Teapot."
Primary and secondary color review on ABCmouse with games and puzzles.
Motor and Social Skills:
Playdoh fun, puzzles and playing with our Reading Street Speedway to go over some of our Reading lessons.
B is doing awesome with his writing!  He wrote k,3, three, 4, four, I, I, I, T, t, 1,2,3, N, n, and 5 this week! 
B worked on the number 3 and 4 this week in his Mr. Potato Head math booklet.  He had to write out the number and the word and had to circle the correct groups that contained the right number group and we had him write the numbers of the other groups that were not correct.  Shapes on ABCmouse this week included circles and squares.  We also played "Four Corners" where he had to write out the numbers 1-4 and then we got to play!
Other: (Science, Social Studies, Computer skills)
We went to the zoo this week and saw all kinds of animals like snakes, frogs, eagles, manatees, monkeys, fish, turtles, birds, flamingos, panthers, and a cheetah.  We also read the Zoo magazine and learned about baby penguins and how they can't go into the water until their feathers mature and we learned about the new white rhino baby.
Make it a great week :)

End of December Recap

Normal people would relax during a vacation but we were very busy during the holiday season with events going on at church and of course, Christmas so here are some fun pictures of what we did! (including paint two of our bedrooms!)

Chippey was tired from running to and from the North Pole so we caught him one morning snuggling with our dog's bear!

Awesome farm Lego set from Grandma and Grandpa in their new Lego bins also from Grandma and Grandpa

The boy's aunt and family bought us enough Playdoh to last us for a very long time so here are the boys enjoying their gifts!

The boys enjoying their new Bible story books

Daddy reading one of the Bible stories to the boys before bed in their new room

Our house is on the market so we decided to make the secondary bedrooms more neutral (Our sons had a Buzz Lightyear bright green and bright blue bedroom!) This was their old bedroom we painted more neutral and we made it into the office and classroom.  The room is bigger and has a bigger closet to hold all of the homeschool materials so this made more sense for us.

The boys new room (which was the nursery/guest bedroom/office/everything room lol!) They loved the new paint color and they call it the chocolate ice cream room and it does look like the color of soft serve chocolate ice cream!


This is my sister with her boyfriend's daughter.  I am really very proud of the woman she is becoming.  It has been a wonderful experience to see her blossom into such a woman of God!

At our church event, some of the sheep :)

Chippey strikes again!

The boys and their aunt on Christmas Eve opening some gifts that she brought for them

Christmas time!  Boys must have been good!

Christmas time at Grandpa and Grandma's house!

A lot of the pictures I took came out dark or blurry so hopefully I can get some pics from the family to add later.

Goats at our church event

Chippey the day before he left...think he was trying to tell the boys something?

We got the Disney Infinity for Christmas and this is all the boys enjoying it on Christmas morning!

Eating some breakfast before getting ready to clean up and head over to Grandpa and Grandmas.

The cousins!  I did get a clear picture of this one!  Can't believe how big all of them are getting!

The boys with their aunt at our church event

Me, my sister's roommate and my sister getting ready to take part in our annual church event at Christmas.