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Last Homeschool Week of 2014

I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for being here on our homeschool journey with us.  I went public with my blog in February of this year and I can't believe the many acquaintances, friends, and fellow bloggers I have been able to get to know.  I appreciate all of you in this journey with us!

We are officially on homeschool break until about January 5, 2015 so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!  I am going to be taking some time to relax with my sons and enjoy the holiday, and then next week we will be moving!  Our new house is built and I can't wait to show you some pictures next year!

Last Homeschool Week of 2014
*Photo credit: Tyndale Rewards*

I would like to give God glory in all of this.  Never in my wildest of dreams, would I have imagined where my life would be today and I am so incredibly grateful for everything and everyone.  I know I could not be here without the Lord, and His grace and love.

Here is our last week of homeschool.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I will be posting amazing giveaways in January and February, so don't forget to stop by! Blessings to you all :)

Living for Him,


To follow along with what curriculum we are using, please click here.

My husband is so talented!  Here is one of the days with our elf, Chippey made out of Legos.

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We covered Day 15 of the Advent calendar, which was the Donkey and we watched "Disney's A Christmas Carol."

Tuesday - Day 16 of Advent calendar was the Innkeeper and we watched "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Polar Express."  B also did Lesson 62 out of "100 Easy Lessons" and his new sounds and words were er, into, led, waves, hunting, stopping, year, yes and boy.

Thursday - I reviewed a Peekapak and we did some of the lesson included in that today.  There was a story and poem, and also a lesson plan.  Check them out; it was so fun and easy to assemble!  We also did Day 17 (Sheep) and Day 18 (Angel) in Advent.  The boys also reviewed phonics for letter J for Jesus.

Saturday - My husband and I were sick all of last week so we completely lost Wednesday and Friday but we made up for it this weekend.  We watched "Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Thursday - We sang "Away in a Manger" and the boys made candy cane poems from the God's Explorers curriculum.

Saturday - I got an email from our local library about a family event today so the boys and I went.  It turned out that there were some children there but mostly older women for an art project!  Each person got to paint a picture while the song, "We are the World" played.  When the music stopped, you had to pass your canvas to the right and then it would go all the way around and come back to you!  We had a blast!

Sunday - The boys made ornaments out of burlap and felt today in Sunday school.

Motor and Social:
Monday - B helped me make some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!  He is getting to be quite the helper in the kitchen!

Tuesday - B had to answer reading comprehension questions in his reading lesson.

Thursday - The boys had reading comprehension questions and story sequencing to answer in the Peekapak lesson.  They also helped me make a pizza lunch out of biscuits, pasta sauce, cheese, and sausage!  G also worked on some floor puzzles.

Saturday - The boys and I had fun while at the library getting to know more people where we live.

Sunday - They had a Happy Birthday, Jesus party at children's church today, and G got home to work on the Fresh Pick game on pbskids.

Tuesday - B wrote y and w for reading lesson.

Saturday - B spelled Santa, more and days.

Monday - We made red Jello today and the boys helped me with the measurements.

Thursday - We had some Advent math and the boys had to count how many days we had done, and how many more days were left until Christmas.

Sunday - We made a game to have the boys help us pack for moving.  We had a box at the bottom of the stairs and the boys had to throw down their teddy bears into the box (like basketball!) and count how many they threw in!

Science and Social Studies:
Monday - We watched Modern Marvels on TV with the boys and it was all about breakfast foods.  They showed how toasters changed through the years and how bacon and eggs became such a popular breakfast.  It showed how the chickens lay the eggs and then get transported from farm to warehouse to grocery store.  It talked about how oranges were considered a wealthy item to people and then a major breakfast juice and how it is grown everywhere now.  They spoke about a high fiber breakfast called granula to help the obesity from eating so much bacon and eggs, and how a Dr. Kellogg came along and made it better tasting and easier to eat.  It spoke about how cereal was developed to be healthy and then in the 1950's how so much sugar was added to it and then became healthy again in the 1980's.  It also spoke about McMuffin's as the first fast food breakfast sandwich.  The boys were really interested in all of this!

Saturday - The lady running the event at the library spoke about how with all of the incidents going on lately, that we are all equal and a part of the world.  It was a beautiful message and there were many people there young and old and of all different backgrounds, that came together to paint.

Well, that's it!  Hope to see you all back again in January!  If I happen to catch amazing deals, I will post them but I am going to try to relax!  Blessings!


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Husband is My Best Friend

 My Husband is My Best Friend
*Photo credit: Lightstock.com*
         Keith was new in town and started working at a local restaurant.  Here he met Maria, a girl he found out went to his high school and was friends with his sister.  He became very curious about Maria and as they got to know each other more, the two became the best of friends.  They learned to laugh and make jokes and no matter what they did, they always had grand adventures.  It would take a year for Keith to work up enough nerve to ask Maria out.  What if she said no?  What if they didn’t have their fun adventures anymore?

       Thankfully, Maria said yes and was astonished at the fact that they would become more than friends.  The couple would go on to senior prom together and the two were inseparable.  That was, until the following year when Maria went on to college; a step Keith was not quite ready for.  Though their relationship did not survive during college, their friendship did.  The two would always find themselves calling each other or trying to catch up with one another for coffee or dinner.

            Keith moved out of state to go help take care of his grandmother and on his return, found that Maria had also moved to a different state.  Still, their friendship lasted.  It was not until Maria came to visit one year with a group of friends and a man she was seeing, did Keith realize what he wanted.  After seeing Maria leave, he prayed to the Lord.  He realized after many years of friendship that he wanted Maria to be his wife.

            It would take another year for this to happen.  Through hardships, moves, careers, and other relationships, Maria and Keith’s friendship stood the test of love and faith.  Today, Maria and Keith have two sons and are still continuing their grand adventures!
I am happy to say that my husband and I celebrate six years of marriage this month.  If you haven’t guessed already, we are Maria and Keith.  The Lord has been very good to us and let us grow up and live our lives, but we did it as friends.  I could not imagine my life without him and I still feel like that 16 year old girl every time I see him!  Now, 14 years later we are adults and parents; he is not only the love of my life, but also my best friend.
I am glad that we got to know each other before we started dating.  We have seen each other at our worst and I know the best is still yet to come.  Our favorite verse as a couple is:
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 
We both knew someday we would be married.  It just took us a while to get there.  We know now that this was God’s will in our lives and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Come take a stroll down memory lane with me and let us know how you met your spouse, or what your favorite Bible verse as a married couple is.

This post originally appeared as a guest post on Satisfaction Through Christ on December 17, 2014 here.



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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 17: Christmas Event, Activities and Books

This week has been full of excitement and activities for this homeschool family!  We had a whole day of baking Christmas cookies for all of the awesome Awanas leaders in our church, the boys and I got to act in a reenactment our church has done every December for 28 years, and we tried as best as we could to squeeze in homeschool!  Thanks so much for being here and sharing our adventures with us!

Reading log:

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We did Days 5-8 of Advent calendar (Day 5 - Zechariah the prophet, Day 6- Anna, Day 7 - Simeon, Day 8 - Angel Gabriel.)  We had a Library Day and borrowed some movies so we watched "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," "Sweetpea Beauty," and "Josh and the Big Wall."

Tuesday - The boys did some ABCmouse lessons (B's lesson was on Reading the Alphabet with Words and G learned about Reading A to Z at the Farm Part I.  We also read "Goodnight Gorilla" and watched "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town."

Wednesday - We had Awanas today and G learned about Shedarach, Mesach, and Abendego.

Thursday - Today, we read "I am Christmas" and "Who Was Born This Special Day?"  We also did Day 10 (Elizabeth) and Day 11 (John the Baptist) of Advent.

Friday - We read "Jingle Bells" and "Froggy's Best Christmas," and learned about Day 12 in Advent. (King Herod)

Art, Music and Physical Education:
Monday - The boys watched the video "Nutshell Library" with all the songs sung by Carole King.  They love these songs and enjoy hearing the song while the animation of the story is on the screen.

Tuesday - We are getting close to our new house being ready so we went to go visit and play on the playground.  G also did an art lesson on primary colors on ABCmouse.

Wednesday - The boys got to play outside at Grandma's house today.  G made a sheep at Awanas tonight and B got to walk through the city of Bethlehem we create at our church each year with his class, and they all prayed over the city.

Friday - B did Lesson 48 on ABCmouse on Black, Brown and White (53% done!) and we sang "Jingle Bells."

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - We had to mail out Christmas cards today so we went to the post office and the boys held open the door for people coming in and out!  They also helped me match socks and put away their laundry.

Tuesday - We had an old friend from high school come visit from out of state so we all had a nice afternoon visiting with him and his girlfriend.  The boys showed them how to make "watches" out of pipe cleaners and wooden beads!  They also played some ABCmouse puzzles and games.

Wednesday - We had our first annual Christmas Cookie Bake Day at Grandma's.  The boys have about 14 different people that help with Awanas every week and we wanted to do something special for them, so Grandma showed us how to make 5 different types of cookies.  The boys had to remove all of the Hershey's kisses wrappers to make the reindeer cookies.  Thanks, Grandma for a fun day :)

The boys making cookies with Grandma.

There were many happy teachers at Awanas tonight!

Thursday - Both the boys, my husband and I played in the Jewish home in our reenactment of Bethlehem at our church.  My oldest had a line to say and they both did such a great job! They also got to play with their friends in the nursery afterwards while Mommy and Daddy helped T-shirts and Christmas ornaments to help go towards the event.

Friday - The boys played games and puzzles on ABCmouse and played with the kids in the nursery again.  My oldest and I were bread makers today at church in the city so he got to play with the dough and say a line again.

Monday - The boys got into trouble today and our 'Elf on the Shelf" was taken away for a night.  My oldest wrote him an apology note (Dear Chippey Sorry) and was tickled the next morning when our elf wrote him one back!

Wednesday - B had to write down what he was grateful for in Awanas (toys, books and music!)

Monday - "One was Johnny" in "Nutshell Library" has kids count from 1 to 10 and then from 10 to 1.

Tuesday - Circles, Squares, and Triangles lesson in ABCmouse for both boys.

Wednesday - We made dozens of cookies today!  The boys had to follow directions and measure each batch.  We also had to double and triple some recipes so the boys had a tasty math lesson today!  Their Awanas teachers also commented on how much they love homeschool math because of all the delicious cookies!

G measuring ingredients with Grandma.

Yummy Math Lesson!

Friday - G had a lesson in ABCmouse on Stars.

Science and Social Studies:
Thursday - We discussed how people didn't have TV's or cell phones when Jesus was born.  We talked about Bethlehem and how all the people in town had to go to the well to get water, or go to the town oven to make their bread.  They couldn't just go to a store and buy these things.

Friday - The "Jingle Bells" book is amazing and I highly recommend it!  It covers not only how we celebrate Christmas in the U.S., but also in Mexico, Sweden, Poland, Italy, the Philippines, and Kenya.  In Mexico, they visit different houses and have a pinata inside the house that the kids break and candy comes out.  In Sweden, there is a gnome named tomte.  In the Philippines, there are colorful star shaped lanterns called parols that they have on homes and also in a procession through the town.  In Poland, Christmas Eve is called Wigilia and they have a 12 course meal for dinner!  In Italy, there is an old woman named la Befana who is believed to being around when Jesus was born and was not able to make it to him with a gift, so she leaves candy and gifts in the children's shoes.  In Kenya, they speak English so many just say Merry Christmas.  They go door to door and sing carols, and whatever money or gifts they receive they donate all of it back to the church.

Another busy week gone and I am hoping after next week, to take a break and enjoy Christmas.  Thanks for joining us!

Are your children still in school or if you homeschool, when do you take a holiday break?



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Why I Love "Elf on the Shelf"

 Why I Love "Elf on the Shelf"

 For those who don’t know, “The Elf on the Shelf” is a children’s book written by Carol Aebersold and daughter Chanda Bell.  It was written in 2005 and it began a Christmas tradition in many families.  Families get to read the book, name their elf and get to see the fun things the elf does the next morning while the household is asleep.  No, the elf doesn’t move on its own but parents get to be creative and station the elf’s actions. 
The elf “watches” the children during the day to report back to Santa.  Each night, the children believe that the elf returns to the North Pole to tell Santa if they have been naughty or nice.  The rules are that only adults can move the elf the next morning.  If a child touches the elf, the elf loses the Christmas magic and will not return.  There is even a movie that does a beautiful job of showing redemption in this story.
This cute little fellow has been getting some criticism this year and I’m not sure why.  Again, parents get to dictate the elf’s actions.  The elf’s face does look mischievous but he doesn’t have to be.  My sister-in-law found a great idea last year and had her elf read to my niece and nephews’ teddy bears.  My husband made a Christmas tree and presents out of Play doh where it looked like the elf made the items for our sons.  Our elf even had an epic pirate adventure with our sons’ toys and one night he turned the milk green! (My sons wanted “elf milk” for about a month after Christmas had ended last year!)

 “The Elf on the Shelf” is meant to be fun and a family experience to share.  Many people search Pinterest and the Internet for the latest and greatest adventures their elf can get into.  It brings joy to children’s faces the next morning when they have to find the elf.   
           Childhood is a time for laughter and delight.  Christmas is magical all by itself.  People become friendlier and there is good food to be shared among family and friends as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
            Some people don’t do Santa because they may feel it loses focus on the reason as to why we celebrate at Christmas.  I think it is all a matter of what parents teach their children.  If a child knows that Jesus is in their heart and their Savior, I don’t see why there is a big deal with Santa and his helpful elf.  I do respect others ways of parenting though as I wouldn’t want my own parenting skills critiqued.

I grew up not knowing enough about the Lord.   I remember being devastated when I found out the truth about Santa but there is something that my mother remembers to this day that I said.  I was the oldest child so she explained to me that I had to keep it a secret for my younger siblings but I asked her if it was okay if I could still believe.

Christmas is about hope, faith and believing.  Children are full of imagination and I feel like this little elf brings the imagination back to us as adults and parents. 
Our elf arrives the day after Thanksgiving and departs on Christmas Eve. 
          What special traditions do you and your children do at Christmas?  If you have an Elf on the Shelf, what did you name yours?  Our elf is Chippey, just like in the movie based on the book!  Many Christmas blessings to you and your family and a Happy New Year!


This post appeared as a guest post on Sew Crafty Angel on December 14, 2015 here.



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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Secrets of Homeschooling

 Secrets of Homeschooling
*Photo credit: Lightstock.com*
   This is my second year homeschooling.  I remember being scared, not knowing a thing about homeschooling, and having no idea where to start.  All I knew was that I had a calling on my heart from the Lord and I had to honor that.  I wanted to share some helpful hints today that have made my life easier and I hope it will make yours easier as well!  Whether you are praying about the idea of homeschooling or you are a seasoned pro, there are definitely an abundance of resources!
One of the first steps is to pray on this decision and what you think will be best for your children.  The next step is to talk to your spouse and see how they feel about it.  You can talk to friends and family, but ultimately this decision is between you, your spouse, and God.  Sometimes family and friends have the best of intentions, but people fear what they don’t know.  Take all of their opinions and love them for their concern and care for you and your family, but have them respect that this is a decision between you and your spouse.
          We have all been new at something, whether it is a new job or what about the first night as a parent with your new baby?  We learn through experience.  Homeschooling is no different.  If you are just at the beginning stages of homeschooling, here are two excellent books to give you some insight into homeschooling:

The Simplicity of Homeschooling by Vicky Goodchild
How to Homeschool: A Practical Approach by Gayle Graham

          If you are ready to dive in after reading these amazing books, contact your state to see what the homeschool laws are where you live.  There are also wonderful homeschool support groups out there that have field trips, meetings, and gatherings for you and your family.

             Believe it or not, you are pretty much on your way at this point.  You will have the confidence and research done to know that you can do this.  Not everyone homeschools the same way, just like no one parents the same way.  There will be bumps and bruises along the way, just like anything new that we start.  I can’t tell you if this is the right path for you.  I can only share what I have experienced and what has worked well for me.  The only thing I can tell you is to have faith and honor your calling, whether it is to homeschool or not.

 “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11: 22-24

My Favorite Places to Find Homeschool Printables and Ideas for Free or at Discount:

Check out these amazing articles on how to stay organized in your homeschool year:

When organizing and saving homeschool files onto your computer, I found the best way to do this is to save it in a folder on your computer with the grade level that the specific file is for.  I used to divide it up into topics, like reading and math, but when it came to time to put everything together for that year, I was going through way too many files!  At least having everything together under Kindergarten, for example, will help you decide what to use for your homeschool that year.

Where to Homeschool & My Top 3 Organization Tips from Abby
End of the Year Homeschool Portfolio from Kelly

Here are some helpful articles for the homeschool parent needing a refresher:

Some Days You Just Need to Breathe from Thaleia
Encouragement From the Weary Home School Mom from Abby
21 Ways to Enjoy a Break From Homeschooling from Kelly

Shirley has you covered for teaching younger children and toddlers:

Bible Memory Beginnings for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Three Pre-k Home School Strategies

Are you considering homeschooling? Do you have questions? Leave them below!  
If you are an experienced homeschool parent, what advice would you offer to a new homeschool parent?

This post originally appeared as a guest post on Satisfaction Through Christ on December 10, 2014, here.



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Good Ideas and Deals:

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 16: Start of Advent, Polar Bears, and a Catch Up Week (Homeschool Kindergarten and Preschool Learning)

As always, I am amazed at how much the boys learn in a week.  I am one of those Moms that beats herself up, thinking that I never get enough done and I am glad that I write down what we do learn because I can see that we do!  We started Advent activities this week, learned some fun lessons in the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine, and had some catching up to do in ABCmouse and other areas.  Thanks for joining us this week!

Start of Advent, Polar Bears & a Catch Up Week

Reading Log:

Here is our Christmas tree!

If you would like to follow along with what curriculum and resources we are using this year, please click here.

Bible and Reading:
Monday - We are using the 2104 Advent calender from Focus on the Family.  You can download a free copy of the activities, resources, and calendar here.  We covered God the Father today.  Everything starts with the Lord, our Creator so this seemed appropriate. (This is my first ever time doing Advent!)

Advent Central!

B also did Lesson 61 in "100 Easy Lessons."  His new words were walk, rich, live, those, dark, five, and dime.  B also did a lesson in ABCmouse on Reading Words in the Alphabet.

Tuesday - B did 5 lessons in ABCmouse today!  He was 45% done his lesson path and did some more Reading the Words in the Alphabet, and G did 2 lessons learning about letter Z and is 49% his lesson path for the year.

We also did Day 2 in Advent.  We learned about King David asking God for forgiveness of mistakes made.

Wednesday - The boys had Awanas homework today.  B had to memorize 1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us." (God loves us so much)  He also earned his wings pin tonight and he was so excited!  G had to learn Jeremiah 10:10 "The Lord is the true God; He is the living God, the eternal King..." His lesson included learning about Baal and praying to false gods.  We also learned about Elijah who prayed to God to send fire to show the people He is the one and true God. 

We also did Day 3 of Advent and learned about Isaiah giving hope during scary times.  He told the people the message from the Lord about a baby would be born to save everyone and be called Immanuel, which means God with us.

We also read some stories in the new issue of Ranger Rick magazine. (Dec/Jan 2015 issue)

Thursday - B did two more ABCmouse lessons on Reading the Words in the Alphabet and the letter W sound.

Day 4 of Advent included learning about Micah.

Friday - G got to 56% finished today on ABCmouse and had lessons on Reading "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," and Letters at the Market R-Z.  B got to 51% finished his learning path and did some more Reading the Alphabet with Words.

Art, Music, and Physical Education:
Tuesday - The boys were trying to figure out the words to "Jingle Bells," so Daddy taught that to them today.

Wednesday - The boys did some fun artwork at Awanas tonight and played games.

Thursday - We had some catch up work to do including coloring the map of Greece and USA, and also the flag for USA.

Caught smiling while learning :)

G colored letter W to add to our Alphabet book.  We also had a Christmas parade we went to with friends and had to walk a mile each way because of the crazy traffic but it was worth it!  We had a great time!

Motor and Social Skills, and Critical Thinking:
Monday - B had to answer some reading comprehension questions for his reading lesson.  He also learned the Spanish primary colors in ABCmouse and B played some games on pbskids.org. (He wasn't feeling well today)

Tuesday - We had a Lego Build Day and the boys worked on some puzzles and games on ABCmouse.

Wednesday - Grandma bought the boys a subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. magazine and they love it!  We did What's Wrong with this picture? puzzles, matched animals to their favorite toys, matched animals according to their geographic region, covered the senses of winter with snow (feel, look, listen and taste).  

They also had Awanas fun with their friends tonight and I am glad I stayed around because my G fell asleep 20 minutes into class time and I had to go get him :)

Thursday - The boys cut and pasted letter W into Alphabet book and did some more puzzles and games on ABCmouse.  They had a great time meeting some new friends who are also homeschooled, and meeting up with my friend who I have been friends with for a long time.  There was fireworks, Olaf on floats, Mickey and Minnie, Ronald McDonald and marching bands!  We had a blast!

So cool to see fireworks in December!

Friday - The boys wrapped up some puzzles and games on ABCmouse.

Monday - B wrote th and b.

Tuesday - I bought a felt, Christmas calendar years ago and the boys love it!  We did some Advent math today and I had them count the days until Christmas.

Wednesday - The boys had to count the polar bears in the picture in the Ranger Rick magazine.

Thursday - B did a lesson in ABCmouse today on triangles.

Friday - B learned about more and less in ABCmouse.

Science and Social Studies:
Wednesday - The boys learned about polar bears, which are also called sea bears.  They have 2 layers of fur; the top layer is for keeping the water from penetrating the bears skin and the bottom layer acts like a blanket to keep the bear warm.  The bear also has blubber and they like to eat seals.  We also learned that the blue whale is the largest sea animal and the African elephant is the largest land animal.  The blue whale is as long as 8 elephants!  We also learned some fun facts about the gray wolf.

Thursday - The boys learned where some of our relatives live across the country so they colored all the states where we live and where we know people.

Friday - G learned about People at Work on ABCmouse today such as nurses and grocers.  B learned lessons on the World Around Us - People at Work and also learned weather terms, warm and windy.

Thanks for your patience with me!  I have a huge event at my church this week and after months of work, the final presentation is this week and weekend, so hoping all goes well!  Excited to let others remember the reason why we celebrate at Christmas and the boys are old enough to participate this year!  I will post some pictures early next week!  

Do you and your family do Advent?  What fun activities or projects have you done with your children lately?



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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday 2014 Freebies, Deals, Sales and Ideas

Cyber Monday 2014 Freebies, Deals, Sales and Ideas

 Educents - Reindeer Shaped Puzzles

 Sbowman Synonyms

 Twas the Night Before Christmas

 The Principle Approach Primer


 20 Holiday Ideas for 3-5 Year Old Boys
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 Christian Women's Guide for Gifts
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Good Deals and Sales:

 Educents Black Friday Sale
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CurrClick is one of my favorite sites for finding homeschool material!  Checkout their End of the Year Sale!

 Little Learning Lovies
Little Learning Lovies Sale - $99.99 for over $2,000 of Curriculum for Prek-4th Grade! - Little Learning Lovies is an amazing site and has fun printables and games for learning!  This sale includes over 800 files and you get it all on a USB!




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