Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week of November 25: X is for X-ray and Thanksgiving holiday

This week was Thanksgiving so we got about two days of homeschool done but it was nice to hang out with family, have a wonderful dinner and yes, we attempted Black Friday shopping! 

I am thankful this week for all things.  I am thankful to my Lord and Savior for without Him, I am nothing and I have nothing.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family, which includes all family from my children and husband to all siblings and parents, nieces, and nephews and all.  We are not perfect, but we are all family.  I pray that I remember this especially on days where it can prove most difficult.  I am thankful for our freedom in our country that I am able to homeschool my sons.  I am thankful for all things.  Thank you Lord for blessing me and my family.

My sister and my puppy ready to eat!

The chefs after laying out the feast.  B also got a good lesson in measuring because he helped us measure all the ingredients!

Oh so tired after cooking lol!  It was our first year cooking the entire meal and wow, what a lot of work but it was fun!

Photo bombed by Daddy in the background!

My Mom, me, and my sister on a Thanksgiving day...a very rare treat that the three of us were able to gather that day and give thanks :)
We were introduced to a new friend who the boys absolutely loved!  This is the kids with my Mom.  We also were able to have our Tuesday playdate with our friend.

My kitty was even in festive spirits :)

X is for X-ray!  We used goggles to have X-ray vision to guess what was in our X-ray booklet.

This is G trying to guess what is on the next page in our booklet.

During the booklet we made Playdoh figures and B made this awesome X all by himself! 

Here were all the hidden items for our X-ray eyes, all that have letter x in them. (ax, fox, six)

Gamma joined in the Playdoh fun also the next morning!

We did a Clifford magazine and learned how to dance, strut and talk like a turkey so that is G dancing like a turkey for Thanksgiving!  We also matched leaves to the color name and we did a cut and paste with animals that sleep at night and animals that sleep in the day.  B was able to read a Gingerbread Man story that had the pictures so he was "reading" the story to me.

G matching the leaf to the right color!

Gamma reading to G.
We did Lesson 17 in 100 Easy Lessons and B is at the point where he is having to know the words to read the mini story at the end of the lesson, which also has comprehension questions!  We learned that, rat, is, sad, this, that, ram, ear, seem and sit.
We did chapter 23 in The Story about John the Baptist, who was Jesus' cousin and how he baptized people and how Jesus baptized John.
Some books read this:
"The Kissing Hand" by: Audrey Penn
G got reacquainted with Karen Katz books and loved the what's behind the flap part that she is wonderful at.  (books read were "Where is Baby's Birthday Cake?" and "Where is Baby's Pumpkin?"
B wrote s, e, and 6 this week.  We are almost to the end of our alphabet this week and we will soon be started on numbers!  I praise God for allowing me the strength, love and compassion to be able to be at home with my sons to watch them learn.


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