Friday, December 13, 2013

Week of December 9: Started with numbers 1 and 2!

Momma had a few sick days this week but amazingly we were able to get through a full week!  Here are our adventures this week!

I had a great talk with B this week.  He asks me like this, "So, Mom, this star of Bethlehem can you tell me about it?"  Yes, just like that!  I explained about the three Kings and how the star lead them to baby Jesus who was born in a manger and how Christmas is so special because it is His birthday and how He came to save us from sin.  We actually had a long, intellectual conversation about all of this and I am so proud of him for wanting to know about our Lord and Savior.  We went over that Jesus is God's Son and how Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we can live in heaven with Him one day and how it is good to be good.

Chippey saving Wendy from Captain Hook with Peter Pan, Jake, and Cubby!

Chippey eating the jello Daddy made the night before!

We borrowed this idea from the boys' Aunt!  Thank you!  Chippey reading his book to the stuffed animals or "buds" as the boys call them!

The inspiration...

The architects....

We made a racetrack called "Reading Street Speedway."  I saw this idea on Pinterest ( a few months ago and combined different ideas from there all together on this project!  The circles are for the top of milk gallon jugs that I wrote letters on so B can practice his spelling and G to know his letters.  B also said we needed a parking garage so we made that and the windows of the garage will hold the flash cards with the words on them!  On the other side is parking spots for them to spell the word first and then race the car over to the spot where either a flash card will be or an item that the word they spelt stands for.

They had a blast putting all the letters on the board and then racing their toy cars around the race track!

It's a huge piece of cardboard but it folds so it can get tucked away!  Here B is working on his spelling and reading his sight words!  I think it's awesome they can have fun and still learn! After we were done, B suggested we make a castle on the other side for next week!

My Mom bought this grocery shop set for the boys for Christmas from her frequent flyer miles and it's from Germany!  The boys love playing with the grocery section at the children's museums so when I saw this on the website, I said that would go over big!  When we got it this week though, it was missing several pieces so we couldn't put it together.  I contacted the manufacturer in Germany and they said for me to take pictures so that they could send me the missing parts so they boys and I had to semi-assemble this to do that. 

The good news is we did such a great job with the pictures that they are sending us a brand new set absolutely free!  That's customer service!  The company is called Eicchorn and they have amazing, quality educational and fun products and I would highly recommend them!  They were extremely considerate and professional with me!

Chippey must have loved our creation!  Here he is racing cars on the track!

B snapped this awesome pic of his brother finding Chippey in the morning!

The boys and I out got out and about this week with some walks and playing football! I didn't last for too long because of me being sick this week but I think the fresh air was good for all of us!

The tackle by the little brother!
B helping his brother with his schoolwork.  G had to circle the pictures that were green in his Dora booklet!
Awanas verse this week - "Agaisnt You (God)...Have I sinned and done what Is evil in Your sight..." Psalm 51:4
Chapter 26 "Jesus' Sacrifice" in "The Story" - the last Supper Jesus died for our sins so we can live with Him in heaven someday.
Chapter 27 "Jesus Has Risen!" - Mary Magdalene and friends seeing the angel who said Jesus has risen and Jesus going to his disciples (God gave Jesus new life like he gives us new life when we invite him into our heart)
"Puppy's Quest: Adventures in Number World" by: Lily Lexington (ebook on Kindle)
"Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" by: Calee M. Lee (ebook on Kindle)
"Bolt My Hero" by: Apple Jordan
Chapter 19 in 100 Easy Lessons (learned how to read see, the, ram, sit, mitt, rid, c)
Chapter 20 in 100 Easy Lessons (the, ram, is, sad)
Booba's writing:
d,D, R, r, 1, one, two, 2, c, d
Introduction to #1 (B circled 1 fish for Mr. Potato Head booklet and found the 1 different shape (square) out of all the others (circles).  We counted from 1 to 5 3 times on and B circled 2 clouds and chose the picture that had 2 items in it in his Mr. Potato Head math booklet.
We also danced and sang songs from to the letter e song and the Alphabet song.  We matched colors to the correct picture and had a review on primary colors (red, blue, yellow).  They also have a new area where you have to feed, bathe and give your pet water so the boys are having fun taking care of their virtual pets!
Until next week have a great one!

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