Friday, December 13, 2013

Benevolence Women's Coffee and Speech on Forgiveness

Last night I had a Benevolence Women's Coffee at my sister's church.  Her roommate was the hostess of the table and I was honored to have been invited and included in the festivities.  Everyone did such a great job of coming together and helping each other and it was a beautiful event.  There were Christmas carols sung and the Men's Ministry was there to serve the women.  There was a red carpet when you came in and everyone was video recorded on the huge screen in the event as you entered so you really did feel like a VIP!

The pastor's wife spoke at the end on being offended and how to handle it as a Christian.  She said it was one thing to get offended by a non-believer of Christ, but when a family member offends you or someone who is a Christ believer offends you, it hurts more.  Even worse, is a Christ believer who is a family member who hurts or offends you.  She explained that Satan sets us up like an animal trap luring us in with the bait of getting angry or nasty and then the trap closes and we have landed right into his trap.  Good analogy!  It happens to the best of us.  She quoted Luke 17:1 "Jesus said to his disciples, "Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come." She said it is okay to honor your feelings but that we need to forgive and sometimes that is hard.  Again, forgiveness being preached.  This helped me out immensely.

My plate setting at the table!  It was like a wedding how elaborate everything was!

Our Table

The centerpiece in the middle of the table - it was filled with pink marshmallows, pink rock candy, white and milk chocolate coated pretzels and pretzel sticks, M&M candies, and Hershey kisses piled on top of sugar!  She even had goodie bags under our place setting so we were all able to bring some candy home!  Needless to say, the boys were super excited this morning!
The theme was candy but she did it very elegantly.

The chair backings!  Attention was paid to every last detail!

Yum!  So pretty to display and fun to eat!

This was a different table but these are cookies piled on top of each other to make Christmas trees!  How creative!

I loved this table!  It was like a Christmas feast waiting for you!

Had to take a picture of this table!  This would have been B's favorite table!

He loved me showing him the pictures!

Another candy table but they did more of a Candy Land theme so this was the backings made out of paper plates!

Someone made cake pops and then another person decorated a cheesecake with "Jesus" and a cross on it!  Below are my chicken salad croissants that I made from a recipe from "The Pioneer Woman. ("  Glad I got a picture because they were gone!  Everyone thought it was catered and couldn't believe how delicious it was and that I made it at my house! 

They had white Christmas lights going up the stairs and this gold and purple together was such a good color combo!

This was the theme of the table - "No Sweeter Name" for Jesus

Everyone at the table made a dessert or food for the table but putting it all together was beautiful! 
It was such an awesome event to attend and now this weekend coming up, is our annual church event where my sister and her roommate will be helping!  I love the spirit of Christmas when everyone is in a happy and giving mood!  It is nice that they were able to share their event and church with me and now they are willing to share an experience and event at my church!  It is all church and going for good at the end of the day :) 

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