Monday, November 4, 2013

Week of October 28: Q is for Quail and R is for Rabbit

This week the whole house was hit with a viral infection, which made homeschooling a bit hard but I think overall we still had a great homeschool week!

With all of us sick in the house, Daddy and Mommy took turns this week with homeschool.  B wrote the letters Q, q, R, r, d, and s.  We read books, played board games and did puzzles together.  We did one reading lesson (Lesson 13 in 100 Easy Lessons) and read chapter 17 in The Story about Jeremiah trying to tell people about God and God still loving us, even when we do wrong.

Saturday, Daddy and B wrapped up Lesson 2 out of 6 on ABCmouse which was exciting!  It takes a lot of work to finish each of these lessons and we were very proud of him!  The boys did the Leap Frog puzzle of the United States Map and pointed out where we live and also all of our relatives that live in other states. 

We also watched Peg + Cat, a new show on PBS that was cute that included the Three bears, the three billy goats Gruff and the three little pigs with basic elementary math equations but in a fun way!

This is the night before G and Momma got sick.  We had a birthday party for one of my friend's daughters at Nickeleodeon resorts and the boys got to meet one of the ninjas of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

B working on Q is for Quail quilt worksheet.  He had to follow directions on what color to color the shapes and then we counted how many shapes total there were.  We read "Little Red Riding Hood" because of Grandmother's quilt in the story.
Grandma actually had a full knee replacement surgery this week and because we have all been sick have not been able to go see her.  We are praying that God gives her a quick recovery and that we may be able to go visit her in the hospital soon.

G getting ready to bust out the Playdoh!

This is "Mr. Rabbit" that Momma and G made together with his carrot :)
We did another worksheet with shapes and directions for letter R for rabbit.
G was still not feeling well on Halloween but we still made it out to one of our favorite grocery stores that had Trick-or-Treat booths located all around the store.  He also changed his costume to "Dr. Good" instead of Dino Dan and B is Diego.

I love this picture!  They fight like brothers do sometimes but I love that there is a genuine friendship and love between them!

Yay!  A picture with them both looking lol!

B and I made it to Clown Around at our church while Daddy and G stayed home sick.  What a great idea to have games and get candy as prizes!  He had a great time!  I went dressed as Dora with him but didn't get a picture!  Hoping someone else at church snagged one so will update that later!

A father and son at our church got dressed up like the guys from Duck Dynasty and set up a duck booth!  This was B's favorite game of the night!

A lot of the youth was there to help with the games, which was awesome!  I volunteered to help but with all of us sick for that week the church had a lot of youth and many volunteers so I got to walk around with B and see him play all the games!

Pin the lamb game - I like how they incorporated scripture into all of the games!

Daniel in the lion den!

Throwing teddy bears into the boat was another great game and he was really good at it!

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