Monday, November 11, 2013

Week of November 4: S is for Scarecrow and T is for Turkey

Wow, is it really November?  Time seems to be flying and I feel like we got a lot done at the beginning of the week so Friday ended up being a catch up day on the house and helping Mommy clean up and then we did some ABCmouse lessons together.
S is for Scarecrow - We made Scarecrows out of shapes like circles for eyes and head (3), triangles for the nose (1), rectangles for the hair (7), and squares for some of the scarecrows (4) patches for his clothes.  We counted all the shapes to 15 different shapes!  We also made Grandma a Scarecrow to make her feel better!
B's finished Scarecrow!
B's writing!
S is for Scarecrow worksheet and that is B's e and i!  He is getting so good at his writing!
It's been nice outside by us so we've been able to enjoy our reading outside!  Our Bible stories this week included Daniel 6 finding out that King Darius like Daniel over his other helpers and how his helpers got mad at Daniel and tricked the King into having 30 days without prayer.  Knowing how much Daniel loved God, the other helpers knew he would not listen to this even if it were told by the King so when they caught him praying they sent him to the lions den.  God protected Daniel from the lions and when the king and other helpers saw this, they began to honor and pray to the one and true God. 
We also read Ezra 3:6-7:22 about the people building God's temple and promising to follow God and how much God wants us to follow him too.
I like how "The Story" for children breaks it down to not only a child's level but makes the story easier for adults when they go to read the adult version!  I think a lot of us can relate to Daniel and loving God and having people make fun of us for it or be mean to us for not understanding that love, but God protects us always as long as we are faithful and I think that was the sum of these stories this week.
Our Awanas verse this week was Genesis 1:31 "God saw all that He had made, And it was very good..."
T is for turkey, ten, turtle, tortoise, Tinker Bell and there is a t in Peter Pan :)
We read "There Were Ten in the Bed" and I had the boys take a number (1-10) off the board each time a dog rolled off the bed until there were none left!  They had a blast doing this and liked the song! 
Thanksgiving is coming up on us fast so I thought lets do T for Turkey and we can do a project with feathers, which I actually think I am allergic to lol!  We made the turkey and then B asked to draw Peter Pan and I realized hey there is a "t" in the word "Peter."  Then the boys asked for me to draw Tinker Bell which of course starts with T!  I thought the improve was great and they loved gluing all the feathers to the papers!  The feathers were also good review for G knowing his colors.  We also went over parts of the body again like what to draw next: a body, head, arms, hands, legs, feet, ears and hair.
I was so incredibly proud of my oldest, B this week.  I am proud of both of my boys and they continue to astonish me everyday but when I asked B this week how to write a letter "t" this is the explanation I got: "Mommy, I know how to write a letter t. It looks like the cross Jesus died on for us for our sins."  He is 4 1/2 years old and from the mouth of a babe that just really brought a tear to my eyes that he knows that already!
I am starting to realize I am doing more of a Charlotte Mason type of teaching, which I never thought I would do when I first started researching homeschool.  It is about the child experiencing the environment and situation and nature to best describe how they see things in their mind and how it reflects in their learning.  I was a straight A student and was taught the classical method of memorizing and cramming to pass a test and unfortunately, I feel like I did not maintain a lot of this knowledge.  I feel like this is the best way to teach the boys because they tell me what they want to know about or learn, and I improvise to how I can apply that to them so they will understand it.  I am truly blessed to be able to do this with my children and although there are some days that are tough, I love every minute of it!
"There Were Ten in the Bed" book with cute puppy characters and I
 did our numbers that I had laminated already and a boy in a bed from lots of the things that Grandma gave to us for our learning lesson on T for ten.
The end of the week, we wrapped up with ABCmouse lessons and Playdoh fun and we read "The Foolish Tortoise" by: Eric Carle, one of our favorite authors!

We were all feeling better also this week so we got to see Grandma in the hospital and then went out to dinner with Grandpa! 
Grandma is thankfully home now and is recovering from her surgery!  Glad you are home Grandma :)
This is proof that my children like to clean lol!  This is not forced upon them at all but I get the paper towels and glass cleaner out and they literally wrestle each other to who can get it first!  Hopefully this trend continues to when they are teenagers and older!
That's it for this week!  Have a blessed week :)

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