Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week of November 11: U is for Umbrella and V is for Vegeatbles

Our Playdoh adventures at the beginning of the week!  B and I started to teach G how to sing the alphabet!

We had some red and green Playdoh that got mixed together and apparently it makes brown!  Cool little science lesson for the week and then the boys wanted to mix the red and yellow Playdoh to make orange!
U is for Umbrella - Momma made the umbrella and B made the "U" without even seeing a "U" or doing copywork for it!  I am loving this Charlotte Mason style of learning!
We read 'Rain" by: Marion Dane Bauer to go along with the umbrella theme!

V is for Vegetable - one of our Playdoh mornings so we made some vegetables for Peter Rabbit and then watched an episode together!  We counted all the different types of vegetables for our math lesson.

"Super Why" G and his puzzles!  He is doing so amazing at these puzzles (up to 25 piece puzzles) all by himself! 

I found this cool sheet in a packet from  It is an awesome homeschool site and they offer a freebie once a week and one of the freebies I got had a sheet that was "All About Me."  I made trace letters for the words like what our address is, sibling names, how to spell Mom and Dad, pets names so that Booba can learn to start to write this information and know it!  He did awesome!

B's amazing writing skills!

The boys love working with the Playdoh!  They get up in the morning and go and grab and we start working with it!  This is sometimes before Momma's first cup of coffee for the day but I am excited!  They hold me accountable and I feel very lucky and appreciated for that!  We got through a lot of our stuff early in the week so later in the week we were able to relax a bit, but B insisted we do more work!  Luckily, I print out extra worksheets and sometimes we get to them and sometimes we don't.  We did a review of letter T and made a letter T for Turtle booklet with "T' words so B got to cut and paste, which is one of his favorite activites!

This was about 10 minutes after the boys' friend left on our Tuesday playdate!  Even our dog passed out with the boys lol!  Lots of playing equals sleepy boys!(...and puppy!)
Science - on Monday while folding laundry, I looked outside of our office window and saw two cranes (birds) outside!  This is unusual for us because we have never seen cranes in our neighborhood since we lived here!  I called for the boys and we talked about how the cranes were digging for food with their beaks, which they could see.  B asked what kind of food they were digging for and said worms, and he said, "Mommy, are worms bugs?"  Hmmm...good question!  We did some research and worms are actually not bugs because they don't have legs!  They are part of an animal group called annelids so we learned about what annelids are!  He also asked what else do they eat which prompted us to find out they eat fish and bugs and annelids :)
Bible studies - Read chapter 20 in The Story about Esther standing up for God's people (the Jews) against Haman.  God helped Esther to be brave and can help us be brave.  We counted Days 1-7 of Creation for Awanas homework and matched the picture to the specific day.  Awanas verse was, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" Genesis 1:1.
Writing - Daddy worked with B on his spelling and writing skills so he has learned to spell his name, his brothers name, Mom, Dad, Jesus, Bot and Me, u and v.  He actually saw the word, "me" on the Pooh bear ride at Disney and he pointed to it excitedly and said, "Mommy, that says me!"
Motor and Social skills - Both boys did very well matching the pictures and numbers for Creation days and they also matched animal stickers to the animal shapes we have in a workbook and they both enjoyed that! 
Math - We also counted fruits and vegetables in another workbook we have.  I am excited to teach B how to write numbers after we get through the alphabet.
Reading - Chapter 15 in 100 Easy Lessons - (r, t, s, d, m, me, meet, rat, mad, at)
"Bolt My Hero" by: Apple Jordan
They got the new Happy Meal books this week from McDonalds so we read them!:
"Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando" by: John Montgomery
"Deana's Big Dreams" by: Jonathan Fussell
"Ant Can't" by: John Montgomery
Keep up the good work McDonalds!  Love that there is a book in a Happy Meal!  Makes the Momma happy!
Grandma read to the boys:
"Where the Wild Things Are" by: Maurice Sendak
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" by: Paul Galdone
"That's Not my Puppy" by: Fiona Watt
To wrap up our weekend, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's house and had our own little mini Thanksgiving meal!  While the adults were eating, the boys were very quiet and suddenly G comes out and has blue all over his hands followed by B with blue ink everywhere!  Of course, me being me I was mortified but Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma were laughing so hard!  This is a picture of the "Blue Band" boys!  Thanks for being so cool about it Grandpa and Grandma :)

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  1. It made our day!!! They are amazing and Booba is a monkey!! He can climb up and get anything he wants. LOL