Monday, November 25, 2013

Week of November 18: W is for Whale and Watermelon! and a Field Trip! (Dakin Dairy Farms)

Gamma came in this week to visit for Thanksgiving!  We did some ABCmouse lessons before heading to the airport.  We actually were able to do our homeschool lessons in the car while waiting for her flight to come in.  We read Chapter 21 in "The Story" about Nehemiah going to help rebuild the walls around Jerusalem.  The lesson here was that God was on Nehemiah's side and God is on your side also.  We did Lesson 16 in 100 Easy Lessons and were introduced to "th" along with read,it, sat, ear, meat, and seem. 
We read from books we borrowed from Grandma's library:
Mickey's Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is Here!
This is the Turkey
We counted the planes that were coming into the airport while we waited for our math lesson and we got to play at the park after she landed!  Here is B dancing and making music!
Gamma getting a chance to play with the boys at the park!
Having fun at the park!


Tuesday was our playdate with our friend.  Here our friend and G are being knights!
B and his aunt trying to get kisses!
Wednesday, Daddy was off so he got to do some lessons with B.  This was them working on a Cornucopia with the Pom Pom colors representing all the different things B is thankful for. (God, family, friends, pets, food, clothes, house.)  Daddy and the boys also did ABCmouse lesson together.

Being thankful.  Awanas homework was Psalm 118:29 "Give thanks to the Lord, For He is good; His love endures forever."

Kids today are just born with technology in them!  G got a chance to play with Gamma's Ipad and an app where he matches color cubes on a farm to save the animals!  He also played his Bubble Guppies game on Nintendo DS to match the fruits and vegetables to their corresponding bins!  They are both so smart!

G reading with Leap Frog Tag!  He loves Nemo!

Thursday we got a field trip and Gamma got to experience it with us!  Here they are at the farmer's market on the farm where you can buy all the products they produce on the farm!  Thanks for a great day, Gamma :)

Gamma and G on the hayride.  B is in the background and had fun meeting some friends and fellow homeschoolers.

This is all the food the cows eat on the farm.  They either produce the products themselves or it is from other local farms. (wheat germ, other forms of grasses and grains)

This tank is full of molasses.  They mix the grass with the other products (they call it a "salad" for the cows!) so the molasses is the "dressing!)

This is part of the grass the cows eat and way in the back is the farm owners home.  I think it is awesome they allow the public to view their property.

Gamma and the boys checking out the chickens.

Some freshly laid chicken eggs :)

We got to see a pig race.  B picked the only pink pig and affectionately named him Wilbur (from Charlotte's Web).  Wilbur won the race!

B getting off the hayride.

Gamma snapped this awesome pic of me and G!

The pigs after the race get to drink the fresh milk as their prize!

G enjoying the pigs!  He had a front row seat at the finish line!

Wilbur the pig and his buds.

The staff there was amazing and extremely courteous and nice!  You could tell they really appreciated their jobs and the animals they work with.

Baby cow feedings!

Gamma and the boys feeding the baby cows.  Baby female cows are called heifers.  The cow is pregnant for 9 months just like humans except the baby comes out 75 to 100 pounds! 

They thought it was awesome!

They turned this cool old tree into a playground for the goats.  There were three goats so B called them The Three Billy Goats Gruff!

A very old turtle.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Gamma helping the boys on a tire swing and they met a friend.

Digging in the sand!

Digging for fossils!  They also had truck swings and slides that came out of trees!

Taste testing! Yum :)

The boys got to make butter out of heavy cream in a mason jar!  All the people in the group got to shake it for 8 minutes and it made butter!

B's turn to shake the butter!

Enjoying all of our hard work!  Butter on crackers and we also got to sample their egg nog and chocolate milk!  It was amazing!  Will definitely buy this brand (Dakin) when I see it!  They have it at Whole Foods and Sweetbay locally.

They are a very green company.  Everything gets reused, recycled, and reduced.  This is the manure used to fertilize the grass they eat so everything is natural and there is no pesticides or chemicals used.

Heading over to where all the cows hang out.  There are 2,000 cows on this farm!  B and our tour guide.

G and Momma!
The farm keeps the cows for 8 to 9 years and they are treated like royalty.  Everything is extremely clean for them and they are well taken care of until their milk dries. 

The cows sit on sand under fans and the ceiling is painted white to retract the sun so the cows are comfortable.  The sand is changed out after each cow gets up and there are walk ways where the cows do their business and water spouts along the walkways so they can drink and it is also at an angle so it makes it easier to clean up their business.

Here is one of the cows on the walkway.

There is a lot of places for the cows to get water.  Cows drink 25 to 50 gallons of water a day and milk is actually 87% water!

Grass the cows eat.

The cows get milked 3 times a day and are washed from spouts underneath as they walk over to where they are milked so they also get 3 baths a day!

The brown "jersey" cows produce the butterfat found in our foods.

All the cows lined up getting milked!  They almost look like they are getting ready to race!

This is the underside where machines actually milk the cows!

The boys checking everything out!

This is inside the facility where the milk goes to after the cows have been milked.   Again very clean!

G making friends with a cow!
G reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by: Eric Carle.  This is one of our favorite authors and books!  On this page is a picture of a watermelon.  We counted the fruits in 1-5 in the book for our math lesson. 

Peter Pan playdoh man eating some watermelon!  We also did a W for Whale booklet with pictures of things that start with w and the boys colored, cut and pasted the pictures in the right spot..

B's writing!

Playdoh fun!  We read Chapter 22 in the "The Story" about the story of Jesus' birth. (Luke 1-2, Matthew 1:18-25, 2:1-12), which is cool because our annual Christmas event at church is coming up!
Until next time, have a great week :)