Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week of Oct. 7: M is for Mouse and N is for Nest

This was the week before our vacation in Tennessee to see the boys ' uncle and aunt get married so Homeschooling was a little crazy but we still managed to get a lot done!  We learned about M for mouse and for monkey so we did a Begins Like Mouse worksheet where the boys colored, cut and pasted the shapes into the right spots.  We learned a song about left and right hand with the help of a cute M is for monkey picture.  In the mouse worksheet, there were 4 spots and 5 options so B had to figure out which one didn't belong, which was turtle because it didn't start with M.  We read "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big, Hungry Bear" book because that is one of their favorites!

Tuesdays with their friend and aunt we went to the library and they did such a great job that we didn't have to do homeschool that day!  We learned about letter T for trucks and the Librarian read the group 4 books about trucks and transportation. 
The boys also sang and danced to if "If You're Happy and You Know It"

Having a great time at the library!

The boys did story sequencing with the flannel board.  They also had color cards so it helped G with his colors.  The boys also did Playdoh in the morning before going to the library.
When they got home, B practiced his writing and number matching on ABCmouse.
G is starting to get really good at puzzles.  He's been working on some 24 piece puzzles and figuring it out all by himself!  B used the magnetic board and his letter magnets to trace them and write letters (m,n,s) and he is getting good at writing letters K, B, and D!  He also wrote N, n, r, a, R, and A this week.
Letter N is for Nest we made a nest booklet with N words and did some more cut and paste which they love!  We read "The Story of Ferdinand" because he was N is for Nice and he was such a nice bull!
In our Bible studies this week we learned about David making a mistake and saying sorry to God.  We learned about Solomon asking God what is right and wrong.  We also learned about Solomon's son Rehoboam and how he introduced idols instead of listening to God.  Rehoboam's son, Asa returned to God, learning from the mistakes and doing what is right.
We did a lot of lessons on right and wrong this week.  We are trying to get the boys to sleep in their own beds so we had a discussion this week about that and how they each have their own beds like their own chairs at dinner.  B elaborated to G and said just like we have our own toys and clothes and underwear!  Lol, I love them so much and I am so proud of each of them and how much they are learning!
We finished the week with ABCmouse lessons and learning shapes and colors and Grandma and Grandpas house with the shape box they have.

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