Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week of Oct. 21: O is for Octopus and P is for for Pumpkin

This was our first week back from vacation so here were some highlights of when we got back:

G found the Peter Pan John Lego who has been MIA for a few months now! 
Dino Dan and Diego at a Halloween event at our old high school :)

Daddy and B playing football!

We read "The Leaves Are Falling One by One" - a book borrowed from Grandmas library and the boys loved it!  It counts from 1 to 10 to the tune of "The Ants go Marching One by One" and I found some leaf and color name templates from This Reading Mama (, who is on my Pinterest page ( 

The boys did a Scarecrow puzzle after matching the color name to the correct color.  B is getting good at phonics so I had him sound out the first letter of the color name to match the color. 

I found a cute Five Little Leaves Subtraction Game from The Mailbox and we counted from 5 to 0 backwards and had each leaf fall of the tree.

Booba liked this game a lot!

Matching color names to color of leaf!

Introducing letter O - What better way to introduce a letter than to play a game!

G is doing amazing with is color recognition!  I didn't even ask him to do this but I turned around and he had all the bears in the right cup!  (The purple bears landed on top of the yellow bears because we couldn't find the purple bin!)

I asked the boys to get their toys off the floor and they took me literally lol!  I thought this was pretty ingenious though so I had to take a picture!

Love this picture!  We introduced Go Fish to the boys this week and I caught this awesome picture of father and son!

Papa and his boys :)

B likes to write sporadically and then come show me!  These are some examples of how awesome he is doing!

Papa's day off we spent a lot of it outside playing football because it has been so nice out! 

Letter O for Octopus-
We made this out of Playdoh and I asked the boys to name him so he was Mr. Octopus! We counted his "legs"

Silly faces while making letters out of Playdoh!

We also came up with 8 words that started with letter O.

Sofia the First - They love Sofia so they wanted to make her and I asked each of them what she needed so it was good anatomy lesson.  They came up with head, hair, ears, lips, eyes, nose, neck, arms, legs, fingers, feet, body!

We had an outside learning day and this is G reading the Bible story to Blue!

Outside learning!  I love fall!

More examples of B's writing!

O is also for October!  The jack-o-lantern had 3 triangles and 1 crescent and 1 circle so we did shapes with these and then colored!  B was able to trace the word pumpkin on his sheet!

Our Staples trip!  We recycle our ink cartridges at Staples and they give you awesome rewards!  I got $14 in Staples Rewards and was able to get all of the items above and they still gave me $0.53 back!  Woo woo :)

Bible story of the week was Isaiah and God telling Isaiah he wanted the people to obey Him and He punished the people for not listening.  Great moral is that He does punish people that don't obey or listen to Him but He never gives up on them!  There is always hope!  Silver lining for this week!
Got the new Lifeway catalog and in one of the pictures on a hoodie is my soul verse Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord" with the quote "I GOT THIS"- God!  Good reminder thank you! Great ending to a great homeschool week!


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