Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Hermitage Home & Plantation of President Andrew Jackson

My husband and I saw this on the way to the hotel by Opryland and we thought how cool would it be to go see that!  He and I are huge history buffs so we hope the boys are also!  When we got to the hotel, we met up with Grandma and we all decided to check it out together! 

The gates were amazing and the property just seemed to go on and on! You could imagine how much work it was to keep it looking so nice.

An unexpected homeschool day while on vacation! Love it :)

They had children from a fourth grade local school dressed up in the dress of the time and each child had done their own research to inform the people each stop!  It was very sweet and the boys loved seeing other kids there!

Standing in front of Andrew Jacksons home.

Posing with Grandma!  I think we came to the conclusion that this was a cypress tree like the one outside of our house except this one was hundreds of years old and huge!

This was an example of a wooden toy that a child would have played with back in the day.  The boys had fun trying to figure it out and the little girl was so sweet with them!

Standing in front of the home learning about the influence of Greek architecture because the family believed in the virtue it represented. 

"Uncle Alfred's" cabin - We learned uncle or auntie in that time was a polite name for an elderly enslaved person.  This man Alfred was a trusted friend of the family and he was even asked to be buried next to the President and his wife when he passed, which he was. 
It is extremely sad the way the enslaved as they were called were treated.  Some of them were just a form of payment or treated no better than cattle.  This cabin was very small and dark but Alfred was thankful for it.  It's amazing to see how some human beings were treated back then.  Incredibly sad and cruel although the Jackson family came to think of some of them as their extended family.

The back of the home

There was a new building constructed in the 1940's to the right and to the left was a 1/2 mile walk with a creek and a cabin that the enslaved lived in. 

Momma and son walking back towards the house and grandson not to far behind!

This is the back of the house just to give an example of how formal and well taken care of this property is.

Heading to the garden

Views from within the garden

The family cemetery where I think they said 3 or 5 generations of Jacksons were buried

The tomb of the President and his late wife who he cared so much for.  Uncle Alfred is buried next to them as promised.

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  1. This was such an amazing thing to see. I loved the history of the entire house and property. Thanks for spending the day with me. Best trip ever!!!