Saturday, October 5, 2013

Raising Samuels

As stated before, when I was growing up I was not taught a lot about scripture so I am blessed that I get to learn right along with my boys.  In our learning this week, while reading "The Story", we came across 1 Samuel 1, 3 where it talks about Hannah asking God for a baby and how she would raise the baby to be God's special worker.  This really hit me hard because without even knowing this story in the Bible, I had a similar experience.  I was already pregnant and delivering my oldest son when they told me I would need an emergency C-section.  I had a quick conversation with God to please save my child even if it meant He had to take my life.  I asked the Lord if I was able to stay and raise my son, that I would raise him to be a Godly man.  A few short minutes later, I heard my son's cries as he entered the world.  This is a big part of my testimony and I knew in that moment (before even knowing it! Lol!) that I was meant to be a Homeschool Mom.

God blessed me with not one but two sons.  After seeing that there are two books of Samuel in the Bible, I thought what a perfect name for a new blog, the inspirations of my life.  My two Samuels :)

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