Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pigeon Forge and Gaitlinburg, TN October 2013

So here is the start of our vacation!  We drove through the night and ran into a nightmare checking in but all of that went away as soon as we went exploring!

Some of the scenery while driving! Absolutely beautiful!

With the government shutdown, the National parks were closed but we were able to drive through some of the state parks.  We saw wild turkeys on the side of the road at one of the parks so we stopped to try to get some pictures! 

Momma and her boys

My handsome boys


The boys had a blast falling in the leaves and playing with them!  We had a lesson on the different colors of the leaves and it was cool for them to see it.  They started pointing "Mommy look at all the fall colors you taught us!" That made my heart melt!  They are listening to me lol :)

Don't know what happened to my camera but what an awesome pic!

My handsome boys!

We found a trout farm in Gaitlinburg so the boys got to see how they raise the fish.

G having an Oreo picnic!

The trout farm.  It was beautiful!  The leaves were falling and it was so peaceful!

My handsome hubby!  This was the creek right next to the trout farm.

The boys climbing from the creek to the playground.

Yea, we saw a playground and it was game over!  The boys went flying!

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