Friday, September 6, 2013

August 2013

Some fun events and homeschool activities during the month of August:

Painting with the new art smocks from Grandpa's restaurant!  This is great for helping G with his colors and Evan practicing his writing skills!

We learned about the letter "C" today so these are some "C' words from out Leap Frog Sight Words set.

Momma attempting to draw the sight words :)

Doing a review on all the letters we have learned so far!

 B and I struggled one day with the letter "B."  We were both so frustrated with each other but then I went to a homeschool meeting and one of the speakers said, "It's okay if they don't write a perfect "A" when they are little; it's just best for them to learn through fun." I'm thinking to myself okay, it was the letter "B" but I got the point.  It's best to let them figure it out when they are ready and the very next day he wrote a perfect "C' with no copywork or being told how!

This was a birthday gift from both my sisters!  It is the perfect bench for our nook in the kitchen and the boys love having their own "cubbies" to store some of their toys, books and learning activities for the week.

1st day of Awanas!  They are both in the same class! G is a Puggle and B is a Cubbie!

My handsome boys at one of our favorite ice cream spots!

Learning how to play the drums at Animal Kingdom!

Meeting Buzz Lightyear in both their Penn State jerseys! Daddy and Grandma were very proud that day!

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