Sunday, September 15, 2013

2nd week of September - F is for Fall!

Some of B's writing skills at work!  He is doing amazing!  He actually went to his white board and did this by himself and then said, "Hey Mommy, look what I wrote!"  How awesome is it that he is wanting to do this without even being told?

This week we went over the letter F and of course it is that time of year so we did letter F for Fall!  I found a template on Pinterest and saw another idea from there about adding glitter paint to leaves so I kind of combined the two different ideas together.  I love Pinterest!  Such great ideas :)

The boys had a blast painting the leaves first!

We painted the leaves first and then added the glue and glitter.

I love how the paint made impressions of the leaves.  I tried to explain to the boys how that really happens with real leaves but I am excited for them to see real leaves next month in Tennessee for their uncle's wedding.

The cool thing is once we added the weight of the glitter and glue, the leaves actually curled up like real leaves!  It made me miss seeing the colors change.  I explained to the boys after we were done, that God makes us all of us like leaves.  Some of us have different or the same color but we were all created equally by the Lord and He made each of us special and unique just like their leaves.  Not one is the same but all are special.

My husband had a great idea to put holes in the leaves and put string through the holes so we could hang them up like a garland!  We saw beautiful fall garland at Disney recently but I love how ours turned out!

I saw a craft magazine with cute leaves and acorns on a wreath and again, I put my own spin on it!  I traced around the boys hands and made "leaf" templates out of that and then laminated them.  I think it is so special to have how small their hands are because I know one day, they will be bigger than my own! I then found a cute football template on ClipArt from Microsoft Word and laminated them because in this house, it is not fall without football!  I also put a tiny bow made out of string from Uncle Adam and Alexis' bridal shower so it is a very special wreath I could never find in a store!

Again, here is B with his writing!  Absolutely amazing!  Yesterday, he even wrote out "am," which is from the lessons we are doing for his reading.

My sweet boys out for a nature walk and headed to the pool after classroom work!

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