Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second Day of School and Already a Field Trip! (MOSI)

How awesome is homeschool when the second day in we get a field trip?  Today was free homeschool day at MOSI and we were able to get there and I can't believe how much they learned!

Here they are doing pretend play as delivery truck drivers!  They were so excited when we got there I barely had a chance to snap a picture before they were moving onto something else!

They had a Publix supermarket pretend section where they could go and shop and get items and then check out at the register.

I was so proud of them!  They went right for the fruits and veggies!

They had fake tomato plants with "tomatoes" (red balls you would probably find in a ball pit) but the boys gathered some of the produce here and brought it over the other area where they learned the production of tomatoes from plants in the field to washing them, storing and boxing for sale.

The wheel showed them the science of how the the belt moves when you place items on it.

B getting to see what it would be like to be in a cockpit of a space craft like an astronaut!

The boys learning about magnets.

B identifying things with a magnifying glass.

G got to learn what it was like to be trapped in a spider web.  He was actually quite good at getting out though!  Some of the older kids were having a hard time but he slid right out of it!

G waiting for service at the pretend restaurant!

G learning some motor skills while playing with blocks and having fruit snacks!  They also got a chance to play with some Legos near the entrance to the museum.
Some things not pictured we saw was the Planetarium where they got to see the moon, stars, and learn about constellations.  We learned about Ursa Major and Minor which is Greek for Big and Little Bear.  We also got a chance to learn about Venus and how we can't explore there because it is too hot and it is a planet of carbon dioxide at levels too high to be safe. 
We also got to see dinosaur skeleton bones near the entrance to the museum and learned about how tight fitting caves can be.  There was also an area where we learned about our shadows and another area, where they took pictures of our shadows!  The boys had a lot of fun with this one!  
We ended the day at MOSI playing outside on the playground and walking through the Tree Grove where the butterflies are.  It was a great day and we were very thankful to MOSI for letting us in for the day for free to get to experience what it was like! 

First Day of School!

Yesterday, (August 20, 2013) was our first day of school and it was a wonderful day!  I really did not know how this would effect me or the boys but it turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined!  We worked on the letter A (writing it the sound of A (phonics) and did a cut and paste activity of an apple and there were pictures that started with A and that didn't and B did great figuring that out!  We read "The Apple Pie Tree" book and sang "Apple, Apple on the Tree" to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." We also worked on writing the number 1 and B was able to circle all the 1's in a Number Hunt.  We also did another cut and paste activity for the number 1.  B enjoys these and it helps him work on his motor skills.  We also attempted Lesson 1 in 100 Easy Lessons book but we need to go over that again another day.

I will try and post to keep myself up-to-date here with what we are doing in addition to all the plans that are in my teacher planner book but here are some first day, priceless first day of school pictures:

Here is my big boy 4 year old on his first homeschool day of Pre-K!  He was so excited and into all the learning!

Here is my big boy 2 1/2 year old wanting to keep up with brother and doing such a great job!

Working on the letter A!

Had to get a picture of both of them together on the first day!  This was after all the learning was done and it was back to play time :)