Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Inspiriational Notes for Myself

I have been looking for a piece of scripture or passage that will speak to me directly or really hit me in a certain way and today, while looking at some Homeschool things for the boys I found it.  I love all of the scripture that I hear and read.  I grew up in a faith based home but we never went into scripture so this is an area I need work on.  My oldest is in Awanas and I learn through his weekly classes, new scripture! :)

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord.”

My husband just walked in from work and said that it is called a "soul verse." So yes, this is me!  Whenever I get down and don't know where to turn or when I am up and praise His name, I trust in the Lord so this spoke volumes to me!  I also saw this sentence from:
  *Adapted from Chapter 2, “Say No to EGO,” in the book Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles from the Creator of Families by Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges, and Tricia Goyer.

When your success depends on your relationship with Christ and the level of control you let Him have, you have no need for pride of fear.

Great line and reminder for life!





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