Monday, May 6, 2013

April Fun Events!

We took G to Disney for his 2nd birthday.  Here the boys are posing with an army guy from Toy Story at Hollywood Studios.

Mike and Sulley from Monster's Inc.

The best part of the day: Meeting Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope!  The boys jaws hit the ground and they couldn't move when they saw the characters!  It was as if they had just popped out of the TV!  It was so cool to see their faces!

Farmer B picking blueberries!  Or as he calls himself, "Old McB has a Farm!"

My beautiful Momma showing off our blueberry picking skills!

G had a blast sitting there in the stroller "helping" pick blueberries!  I think he ate more than he picked haha! 

The boys picked massive blueberries!

B holding Gamma and Poppy's hands in the blueberry fields.

We went to the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota with Gamma and Poppy.  This is B with a bull statue outside the museum.  He named the bull, Ferdinand!  He loves that book!

Gamma and Poppy with the boys in the beautiful gardens at the museum.

Momma and the boys at the museum.

Gorgeous property!
We got to spend some days at the beach with Gamma and Poppy!  More pictures to come!

My handsome boys at Nature's Classroom.  We got to go there for their annual weekend that they are open to the public.  The boys got to get passports and each place got to stamp the animal they saw in their passport book.  We did a scavenger hunt and got to see a lot of awesome animals and lots of green lush nature!

A panther at Nature's Classroom

G and Daddy

Momma and B on another blueberry picking day!

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