Monday, May 6, 2013

April Birthdays :)

My Mom was in town and we have been so busy having fun that we haven't had time to post so going to post some picturess of the things we have done :)

Our youngest turned 2 years old this month!  Grandma brought over some very special Cookie Monster cupcakes and we had some pizza!  Happy Birthday G Man!  We love you!

 "The Twins"
This is our nephew and our oldest.  They are exactly 2 months and 1 minute apart so we affectionately call them the twins.  My nephew will be 4 tomorrow and then B will be 4 in July.  This was a great picture showing how much they love each other!

This is one of our beautiful nieces!  She is getting so big!  6 years old next month! 

Grandpa getting love from the boys at G's party!
This is another of our beautiful nieces that turned 1 in April!  We were not able to make it up to her party because my brother and family live out of state but they are coming down here in May so the boys will get a chance to meet her for the first time! 

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