Sunday, April 7, 2013

Honey For a Child's Heart" the fourth edition by: Gladys Hunt Notes

         I am currently reading "Honey for a Child’s Heart” the fourth edition by Gladys Hunt.  It is a wonderful book that gives many titles to books and summaries of the story and personal stories to go with it to entice you to read them with you and your children.  Notes that I have made are to reference pages 48-49 for describing the different parts of a story (theme, plot, characterization).  Some books that really stood out to me so far that she has described is “Little Pilgrim’s Progress,” “Tales from Shakespeare” by Charles and Mary Lamb; “The King’s Equal” and “You Can Call Me, Charley.”

            I also had to comment on a paragraph on page 94 that hit me so hard: “A home of people who claim to belong to God has an extra plus: God at the center.  All our inadequacies and fears are under his lordship; our strengths and excitements are placed under his control. His love inspires ours; his forgiveness is the basis of our forgiveness of one another; his instructions are our guide.  The claim to be Christian is not an easy boast.  We have repeatedly made the word Christian into an adjective when it is meant to be a noun: a person who follows Christ.”           

What amazing words!  She then goes on to say on page 98: “God is not weighed down by the disorder man has brought to the world, wringing his hands as if life were out of control.  Sometimes we take on burdens that belong to God.” She describes how societal changes, peer pressure, television and even our own upbringing effects our children.  All of this to me was just more affirmation that I am walking with the Lord in this homeschool journey with my sons!