Friday, March 8, 2013

Daddy's Knee Surgery

From my husband on his knee surgery:

I have been having issues with my knee since last May when I slipped while fishing.  I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a partially torn meniscus and patellar subluxation(which means the knee cap isn't staying in place.  The Dr. told me that to surgery isn't necessary and that with physical therapy we can strengthen all the muscles around the knee to avoid surgery.  So I did 8 weeks of therapy and was only having to wear my knee brace when I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking like one of our many trips to Disney, Busch Gardens or Sea World. 

In January the pain began to come back and I started to feel like my knee was "catching" inside again.  So I went back to my primary care Doctor and he referred me back to be re-evaluated.  I saw a different Doctor who had me take x-rays(which you cant see ligament tears on a x-ray because it only shows bones!) and looked at the MRI from May 2012(and didn't take a new MRI to see what damage there is currently) and determined that I there was nothing structurally wrong with my knee but that I needed to continue to do therapy at home to again strengthen the knee.  Having been through this process and before and regressing I finally listened to dear Mom and went to get a second opinion, which is where she had her knee surgeries done.  I am SO glad I did!  I felt like at the original doctor, they were telling me I was a liar and that there was nothing wrong.  At the new doctor they also took x-rays and a new MRI and genuinely seemed concerned with the pain I have been in.  I saw them on Wednesday and they had me scheduled for surgery for a Monday in March.  What a relief that someone actually took me seriously and was going to fix it.

So I had surgery and have been pretty much stuck with my leg up, ice packs and lots of pain meds.  My wife and the boys have been doing a very good job taking care of me.  B seems to understand that he has to stay away from Daddy's leg, but G hasn't quite come to terms and Daddy is attempting to be patient.  I know I have a lot of therapy ahead but still happy the worst is over.

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